FRP Blower Manufacturer:

Looking for a one-stop solution for your food processing needs, ceramic needs, and paper needs? Don’t worry, Envigaurd FRP blower is here for your rescue. As reputed FRP blower manufacturers, we make sure that you get an FRP blower that is made out of first-grade quality and also serves as a product that durable and reliable simultaneously.

The FRP blower that we mainly design is for industrial purposes and hence most of that FRP blower that we manufacture is centrifugal in nature. If your industry needs a pressure requirement that is less than 3.447 kpa, then we highly suggest that purchasing an FRP centrifugal flower will be the best fit.

The greatest advantage of using our FRP blower is the fact that it has multiple pressure ratings. So the FRP blower can be adjusted according to your business needs. Some of the noteworthy features of our FRP centrifugal blower can be stated as follows:

  • You will get a blower that is equipped with high operating efficiency.
  • Our product requirement minimum maintenance.
  • Consumption of power is really low.
Specification of our centrifugal blower 
  • Voltage requirement ranges from 385v – 400v.
  • Speed of the fan is 2800 rpm.
  • Air volume reneges from 2298-13625m3/h.
  • Power consumption ranges from 5kw- 57kw.
  • Pressure requirement ranges from 3785- 8210 pa.

We are onboard with customization hence we manufacture different types of FRP blowers other than FRP centrifugal blower. This customization can be called as PP FRP blowers and exhaust blowers.

Pp FRP blowers

PP FRP blowers that are manufactured by us come in different sizes and they are being used in different industries like pharmaceutical and chemical. They are popular among our customers because they have striking features like efficient impellers, corrosion-free, and seamless bowering.


  • The speed of the blower is 1450 rpm
  • Air volume consumption is 4890 cbm/h
  • Air pressure ranges from 2800-5200pa
  • The blower is ca be directly motor driven and also be v belt driven
  • Variable impeller sizes are available with our company.

Exhaust blower

The exhaust blower that we manufacture has three things which make it a show stopper. First of all, you have a blower with minimum consumption of power. Second, you don’t have to worry about maintenance as this blower needs servicing only after 1 or 2 years and third these blowers are suitable for diverse industries.

Why buy FRP blowers from our company?

Envigaurd has been producing and installing FRP products that provide the customer with immense satisfaction. We are a company that is commitment driven and hence our quality management system upgrades with each passing day. 

You must realize that FRP is an industry where raw materials play a major role in the project outcome. So Envigaurd makes sure that our skilled professionals carry quality assurance testing at every stage before we deliver the final product to you.

Frequently asked questions

1. Which industries are served by FRP blowers?

Food processing, paper, chemical industries are served by FRP blowers.

2. Are there different variations of FRP blowers?

The answer is a resounding yes. They come as centrifugal blower, PP FRP blower, and exhaust blower.

3. Is FRP blower customizable?

Yes FRP blowers are customizable.

4. Is the FRP blower expensive?

No, they are super affordable.

5. Does FRP blower require high maintenance?

FRP blowers require little to no maintenance.

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