A Leading HVAC Products Manufacturer & Contractor in India

Envigaurd brings to you top-notch HVAC products that help keep your Commercial, Industrial and residential units at optimum temperature. We, as a top-quality HVAC contractor, serve some of the most notable industry experts and provide genuine parts, replacements, and complete sets with warranted longevity.

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HVAC Contractor

Our Services in HVAC

As a top-ranking supplier and manufacturer of HVAC systems, we deliver only the best in the industry at a scalable budget. Our energy-efficient systems are suited for your specific industrial requirements while keeping innovation at the forefront of HVAC services company. 

Designing and Drafting

At Envigaurd, we work in conjunction with top-notch design experts & air-conditioning contractors that deliver nothing but innovative systems for industrial and residential usage. Our developers, architects, & consultants create everything from scratch, starting from the inception of the basic layout to the implementation of the latest software protocol.

  • Analysis of Layout
  • Heat Load Calculation
  • Estimation of Capacity
  • Full-Layout Designing
  • Engineering Drafting
  • Software We Use


Envigaurd offers full-service installation of HVAC systems with complete consideration of your customized requirements. Our HVAC systems range from mid-sized units to massive complexes that serve your domestic, industrial, or commercial projects. 

  • Pre-Installation Survey of the Place Where AC Should be Installed
  • Installation by Our Experienced Certified Technicians
  • Post-Installation Quality Inspection

Our Installation Procedure

With the help of our qualified engineers, we offer complete system upgrades to help cool down your space in an efficient manner. We provide a valued installation that doesn’t require abrupt repairs. Our HVAC systems are in compliance with the latest technologies to ensure high-quality energy efficiency.

  • Need Analysis
  • Undertaking Course of Action
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Sourcing of Equipment
  • Testing and Commission
  • Site Handover

Our Happy Clients

With improved teamwork, we help deliver optimum customer satisfaction while using simple techniques as HVAC equipment manufacturers. We adhere to a systemized engagement model to delight our customers and adhere to their needs as closely as possible.

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Why do you need HVAC System

Save Energy

With the best HVAC system in place, you can save up massive numbers in energy bills

Improve Comfort

Invest in the best HVAC system that helps maintain the temperature at a comfortable level

Ease of Installation

Our HVAC systems are easy to install and flaunt a sturdy yet user-friendly design

Fully Customizable

Get access to a high-quality HVAC system customized in accordance with your industry set-up

What We Offer

We Design

As a lead supplier and manufacturer of HVAC systems, we design genuine and supreme-quality components brought to you at pocket-friendly price tags. Each part of our HVAC system is designed as per your specifications and industrial requirements making us the best HVAC contractors. 

Envigaurd Manufacturer

With a dedicated team of HVAC professionals that houses a plethora of knowledge in HVAC manufacturing; we craft some of the best units for commercial and residential usage. We opt for a customer-focused approach that helps deliver authentic HVAC units to your site with the longevity promised. 


Our specialists and HVAC ducting contractors bring in years of experience in HVAC installation in a commercial or residential set-up. We are a premier installation service provider that helps you get access to the complete capabilities of the system in a glitch-free manner. We are among the top names among the HVAC installation companies. 

Repair and Maintenance of HVAC Products

As a top-ranking name among HVAC companies, we put in place maintenance programs that help prevent any abrupt system breakdowns. Our dependable HVAC specialists flaunt years of knowledge that bring comfort to your business premise or your residential space. Our HVAC repair experts ensure fast correction as and when needed. 

Repairs and Services

Our team adheres to the safety guidelines while performing repairs & other services for your existing HVAC system. Envigaurd ensures that you get access to efficient and sleek machinery that helps power your space with services delivered by licensed professionals. So, stop looking for HVAC contractors near me and hire us today!

AMC’s (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Modern-day HVAC systems are designed to last more than a decade. With an Annual Maintenance Contract signed with Envigaurd, you can ensure that your system is at its optimum best to last for decades without any glitch. 

  • Ordinary Contract
  • Comprehensive Contract
  • With Compressor
  • Without Compressor
  • Service Support

AMC’s Benefits

With our AMC services, you get access to highly-trained professionals that keep your system updated at all times. We take care of any type of unexpected errors in the system and correct them before they worsen. Our regularized AMC services adhere to the local and national maintenance standards for HVAC contractors in India. 

The Projects We Can Handle

Our team of engineers, duct contractors, and mechanics are trained for efficiency over the years to deliver perfection in commercial, residential, & industrial requirements. We have provided our services to top-ranking companies and continue to do so over the years with returning clients.


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Envigaurd Industrial
Envigaurd Commercial


All Types of Commercial Buildings like Shopping malls, Retail Shops, etc.


Apartments, Villas, Individual Homes.

Envigaurd Residential

Our Quality Policy

Envigaurd cross-checks each and every process starting from manufacturing to repair/maintenance to adhere to the local and international quality policy as AC contractors.

Increase Efficiency

Our system is quality checked to ensure regulated energy bills while saving unforeseen usage of energy.


With our systems in place, you can expect a massive reduction in energy bills.

Innovative Solutions

We put in place the best and latest innovative solutions that boost efficiency & enhance customer satisfaction.

Quality Services

With Envigaurd’s HVAC systems, you get access to thermal comfort with top-notch air-quality.

Client Satisfaction

We keep our clients in sync throughout the entirety of the process, starting from manufacturing to installation, to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Why is HVAC Product & Service Best at Envigaurd?

Envigaurd is a quality-centric company that creates customized HVAC products at cost-effective prices. We put in place the best system for HVAC manufacturing, installation, repair, and maintenance to deliver faultless designs with precision.

Where We Can Serve

Envigaurd is an HVAC system provider that delivers top-notch products designed with highly authentic materials to last for years to come. Currently, our services are deliverable pan India, including some of the major states that include Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, and Chennai. 

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Frequently asked questions

How can I compare your company’s products? What is the Best Brand or Manufacture of HVAC Systems?

Our company delivers top-quality products to popular brands all around India. You can look through our list of clients to understand the efficiency and quality delivered throughout the years. We pride ourselves on being the best HVAC system manufacturer in India as we expand to other countries as well. 

How important is indoor air quality?

We often worry about the air quality outdoor and choose to wear masks. However, the indoor air can be just as polluted with no way to be recycled. With a high-quality HVAC system in place, you can keep your indoor air quality in check. 

Why should I replace my HVAC system?

HVAC systems tend to fade away with time in terms of efficiency. If your system is older than 15 years, it should be replaced soon to ensure efficiency and better temperature maintenance. Sticking to the old systems could lead to higher energy bills and inefficient temperature maintenance. 

Where can I find pricing information on the different HVAC products?

To get information related to the HVAC product pricing at Envigaurd, you can get in touch with us at contact@envigaurd.com or give us a quick call at 8147605843. 

How often should I service my HVAC system?

While most HVAC systems do not need servicing every now and then, it is important to opt for an Annual Maintenance Service to ensure any abrupt error or damage is corrected with ease. 

What are the different filters I can choose for my new HVAC system?

As per HVAC standards, it is recommended that you opt for air filters that have MERV 6 or a higher marking. Residential systems can do well with MERV 8 to 13 filters, while industries would do well with MERV 14 or higher. 

How often should I replace my air filters?

HVAC air filters should typically be replaced every 30 to 60 days depending on the usage. The duration can be longer for commercial-grade filters depending on the usage. 

How do I know if I need a new HVAC system?

If you are looking for signs to replace your HVAC system, here are a few you need to keep in mind:

Your HVAC is 15 years or older

Repair cost is higher than half the original cost of the system

Ever-increasing energy bills

Temperature doesn’t stay; it keeps fluctuating

Machine emitting odd sounds

Unusual smell from the system

High amount of dust throughout the house

Poor-quality air with higher chances of allergies

What is HVAC zoning?

HVAC zoning is a technique that uses ductwork dampers to redirect and regulate air to specified sections of the house. This helps create a customized variant of the temperature zone to ensure enhanced efficiency and comfort.

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