PP-FRP Scrubbers Manufacturer:

At Envigaurd, we deal with the manufacturing of PP FRP scrubber systems. And we are well known in the market in the PP FRP scrubber producing niche. We aim towards serving our customers with nonpareil solutions concerned with control for pollution. We make sure that the scrubbers are manufactured from the highest quality products to provide top-notch services that too at an affordable price. The scrubber system is used in the removal of all the soluble gases including Cl 2, Br 2, NoX, H 2S, HCl, NH 3, and other such similar gases from the gaseous stream released by the industrial exhaust. The scrubbers that we prepare come with dual lamination techniques due to which they are sturdier than the ones made from steel.

We are one of the leading PP FRP scrubber manufacturers, who possess years of expertise in this industrial alcove. At Envigaurd, we also design the scrubbers according to the specifications needed by the customers. The scrubber systems are produced in such a manner that they guarantee to fulfill the needs of the customers with efficiency. We aim to create PP FRP scrubbers in a way that they are readily versatile and comprehensive can be made into use for the outcome with an ideal separation approach. Our company works with hundreds and thousands of industries and manages to cater to their needs.

Pros of using PP FRP Scrubber System:
  • The material is very light-weighted, and thus, the installation process is facilitated
  • Temperature and corrosion resistant
  • Possesses ample sturdiness so requires no extensive maintenance
  • The cost of the scrubber system is lesser than that of steel and is ten times more long-lasting
  • Excellent thermal expansion properties
  • Shows stability against ultra-violet radiations
  • Eco-friendly
Scope of Application:

We are one of the leading PP FRP exhaust wet scrubber manufacturers and here we have prepared a list of industries that can adapt our products for better output:

  • Corn Processing Facilities
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Chemical Processes
  • Food Manufacturing Industries
  • Plants that manufacture acid
  • Utility Boilers
  • Grinding and Machining Exhaust
  • Composite and Fiberglass Industries
  • Metal Finishing and Foundries Operations
  • Cement Manufacturing
  • Asphalt Manufacturing
  • Paper and Pulp Manufacturing
  • Biotechnology
  • Potash Manufacturing
  • Quarrying and Mining
  • Automotive Industries
What is the need for a Scrubber System?

These are ergonomically designed systems that are implemented for controlling air pollution. The system helps in the removal of pollutants from the exhaust stream of the industries. In India, it is exceptionally essential to make use of the PP FRP Scrubber systems. We are one of the leading PP FRP scrubber manufacturers in Bangalore, India and we have managed to gain immense popularity in this particular niche within a very few years of time because of the quality of experience that we impart our customers with.

How to select the best scrubber system for Air pollution Control?

The selection of a Scrubber system depends on several factors. Envigaurd is one of the top-rated PP FRP exhaust wet scrubber manufacturers. Our experts say that the range of the scrubber systems are manipulated by a variety of aspects that incorporate

  • The temperature of the gas that needs filtration
  • The size of the pollutants that need to be removed
  • The type of those pollutants
  • The demand for efficiency
  • The availability of space for the scrubber system installation

Considering the quantity of the pollutant a salient feature, you must make the selection of your scrubber system. We are extensively known as PP FRP wet scrubber manufacturers and other various types as well. Apart from the size of the pollutant determining the kind of scrubber system, the loading of the material is one of the decisive factors as well. All the units perform exceptionally well when they are selected aptly by considering all the essential elements.

Why Buy the Scrubber System from Envigaurd?

Even experienced engineers sometimes get bewildered with the deals that they have to manage when it comes to controlling environmental pollution. We can assure you that the deals that we have to offer can cater to your needs. Things that we take into consideration while manufacturing a scrubber system are:

  • The processes involved in your industry
  • Size of your plant
  • National and even local environmental regulation
  • The requirements of disposal
  • The materials that are being processed
  • Restriction of space
  • Updating the existing facilities
  • The by-products produced in your factory
  • Inculcating new technology and new facility as well
  • Chipping in the financial factor
  • Usage and type of water
  • Usage of electricity
  • The requirement of stream
  • Capacity factor

These factors facilitate us in manufacturing the scrubber system that would serve your need efficiently. We make sure to keep the needs of our customers above anything else, and that is the very reason for which we are known as one of the leading PP FRP scrubber manufacturers.

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