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You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for an HVAC contractor in Bangalore. Enviguard is a manufacturer of HVAC products and a provider of HVAC services, including installation, maintenance, and repair of HVAC systems. Our technicians are experts who provide these services following industry standards. You would call on this type of professional expertise if your home or business’s air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace requires emergency repair, replacement, or routine maintenance.

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Why Envigaurd

Envigaurd save energy

Save Energy

With the best HVAC system in place, you can save up massive numbers in energy bills

Envigaurd Improve Comfort

Improve Comfort

Invest in the best HVAC system that helps maintain the temperature at a comfortable level

Envigaurd Ease of Installation

Ease of Installation

Our HVAC systems are easy to install and flaunt a sturdy yet user-friendly design

Envigaurd Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Get access to a high-quality HVAC system customized in accordance with your industry set-up

What We Offer

It’s time to call an Enviguard HVAC specialist if your air conditioner or heating system isn’t working properly, or if you believe you need to replace an existing system with a new one. Inconsistent temperatures throughout the building, unusual, unfamiliar noises emanating from the furnace or AC, and unexpectedly high utility bills are all symptoms that your HVAC system may need to be repaired or replaced (like gas or electric). If your system isn’t turning on or supplying the heat or cooling you require, you should contact us immediately. We have excellent HVAC Product and Service offering as per below.

Excellent Designing and Commissioning

When you’re looking for an HVAC contractor in Bangalore, you’re definitely looking for someone that specializes in HVAC product design and implementation and has the necessary competence and experience. Excellent HVAC products and services are available with us, and you may notice a difference. We have significant experience as HVAC contractors in developing and commissioning energy-efficient HVAC systems. We are the most qualified business to handle the service or problem you require.

Envigaurd Manufacturer
HVAC Manufacturing and Build

Enviguard, a Bangalore-based HVAC contractor, specializes in the production of high-quality HVAC components such as heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. Our professionals focus on one or more of these components of HVAC equipment standards, such as energy efficiency, durability, and manufacturing. Our company designs and manufactures all residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC systems.

Installation repair and maintenance

Our HVAC installation service might vary

from other businesses. Our qualified, skilled, and certified HVAC technician should be able to help with three key areas: maintenance, repair, and installation. You would call an Envigurad HVAC professional to help you disconnect the old furnace and properly install the new one if you needed to replace your furnace in your home. Our HVAC professional can also do routine maintenance on your system or repair broken or malfunctioning heating and cooling systems.

Repair and Maintenance of HVAC Products

Based in Bangalore, we believe in providing long-term support to our clients. This makes it more essential to provide you with the after-sale service. Our experts are keen on reducing the breakdowns in the future through timely maintenance of the systems. With the targeted approach we make your building, whether commercial or residential, fit for the long term with very less or zero downtime.

Projects We Handle

Our Services in HVAC

As previously stated, we handle a wide range of mechanical, electrical, venting, and all other HVAC venting systems as recognized HVAC contractor in Bangalore. Mostly our work starts with routine inspection and maintenance. To correctly diagnose difficulties, and furnace or air conditioner installation necessitates the most experience and a wide range of skills and we do that. We also aim to reduce energy bills in addition to these specific services. We’d be able to give you advice on things like replacing or sealing draughty doors and windows, boosting your home’s insulation, and even insulating the air ducts in your home. In addition to these highly technical services, we also provide duct cleaning to help you maintain a high level of air quality in your home or office. We focus on extremely specific equipment, such as boilers and water-based heating systems, which demand a distinct set of skills and training than forced-air systems. Solar-powered home heating systems are likewise a highly specialized niche or anything else in HVAC to name for which you will need to hire a professional. Our services are categorizes as below:

Consultation and Drafting

We have a talented team of designers who sbtudy and design layouts with a focus on the success of schematic designs. Engineering drafting excellence can be found in well-functioning comprehensive layout design. There is an extensive planning done on energy optimization while considering elements such as heat recovery, zone management, and ventilation.

  • Analysis of Layout
  • Heat Load Calculation
  • Estimation of Capacity
  • Full-Layout Designing
  • Engineering Drafting
  • Software We Use


Surveying/inspecting the current system and setting it up, as well as collecting measurements to verify the new system has the right size and capacity, are all tasks that may be included in an HVAC system installation. For the home, de-installing the existing system with care, ensuring that the residents of the home or workplace are as comfortable as possible. Connecting the new units, which may include the installation of ductwork, wiring, tubing, pipes, or electrical supply lines; and performing a final inspection after installation to ensure the job is complete and the system is safe and ready for use by the homeowners.

  • Pre-Installation Survey of the Place Where AC Should be Installed
  • Installation by Our Experienced Certified Technicians
  • Post-Installation Quality Inspection


The actual repair work required when faults are detected is the next step up from maintenance. Installing/repairing/replacing certain defective elements on a heating or cooling system to get the heat or air conditioning operating again is part of this profession. This is where the majority of an HVAC contractor’s attention is focused, as repairs are frequently made on an emergency basis, especially during the bitter cold of winter or the scorching heat of summer.

  • Need Analysis
  • Undertaking Course of Action
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Sourcing of Equipment
  • Testing and Commission
  • Site Handover

Repairs and Services

Are you looking for HVAC contractors in Bangalore? Envigaurd is the right place for you where we take care of the after-sale service. We not only provide the maintenance but also help in repairing the systems in case of failures. Our team rectifies the errors quickly and efficiently. We keep on working with the latest updates to reduce downtime.

AMC’s (Annual Maintenance Contract)

The HVAC system should remain upgraded and for this, we provide you with the Annual Maintenance Contract. There are various types of contracts which we offer to maintain the equipment so that they remain in good condition.

  • Ordinary Contract
  • Comprehensive Contract
  • With Compressor
  • Without Compressor
  • Service Support

AMC’s Benefits

The HVAC system comes with expensive parts and can drain your pocket. Instead of putting a lot of money to fix it, it is better to choose the AMC services. Our experts at Bangalore make sure that you get hygienic air and the systems should perform effectively. When you subscribe to AMC, you are moving towards increasing the life of your HVAC equipment. We follow the guidelines and thoroughly clean up the systems during the site visit.

The Projects We Can Handle

Each of these three types of residential HVAC systems, such as apartment villas and residences, is handled by Enviguard HVAC contractors in Bangalore. We are also involved in commercial turnkey HVAC projects such as shopping malls, commercial buildings, hotels, and hospitals etc. We have extensive experience in a variety of industrial HVAC services in Bangalore for factories, production facilities, labs, refineries, and other industrial facilities


Syngene, Tata Power Solar, Dr. Reddy’s, Bangalore Refinery, BHEL, GSK, IISc, ISRO, AirFlow, LabGuard, Kewaunee, HAL, HIKAL, Sami Labs, Zeus Biotech, Himalaya Herbals, Resonance, Shilp Pathology Laboratory, Unikelvin, Godrej

Envigaurd Industrial
Envigaurd Commercial


All Types of Commercial Buildings like Shopping malls, Retail Shops, etc.


Apartments, Villas, Individual Homes.

Envigaurd Residential

Our Quality Policy

We’ve put in a lot of effort to provide excellent service to our clients. We follow specific quality policies as an experienced HVAC specialist and propose that you have your systems tested and routine maintenance performed twice a year, once before the cooling season and once before the heating season. The safety and comfort of your family or coworkers are critical considerations. Maintaining what is likely the most expensive and crucial system in your home (heating and cooling) will help you protect the largest investment you will ever make.

Increase Efficiency

Ensure that the quality of HVAC products is maintained with effective functioning. 


We provide cost-effective solutions which can fit your budget.

Innovative Solutions

The systems are designed to keep new ideas in focus. 

Quality Services

With Envigaurd’s HVAC systems, you get access to thermal comfort with top-notch air-quality.

Client Satisfaction

Our experts at Bangalore are well-versed with standard quality service and monitor the systems regularly.

Satisfied Customers

Envigaurd, a major service provider in Bangalore, places a premium on customer satisfaction. We design, produce, and deliver solutions that are tailored to our customer’s demands, and we complete projects on schedule, resulting in high customer satisfaction.

Why is HVAC Product & Service Best at Envigaurd?

We are licensed, qualified, and certified HVAC contractors with all the abilities required to assess the task at hand and accomplish each step required to complete the job properly. The ultimate goal is to get the system up and running as quickly as possible, restoring environmental comfort to the home or office’s inhabitants.

Why is the HVAC system required in Bangalore?

More warehouses are being created for storage purposes as a result of the expansion of E-commerce. Many firms in Bangalore have warehouses where a proper HVAC system is required for temperature control. Data centers, too, require efficient cooling because servers generate a lot of heat. Servers can be harmed by dust particles and temperature fluctuations. Many servers in data centers run 24 hours a day, generating heat. Bangalore-based IT enterprises demand well-designed HVAC systems to avoid server failure.

Where We Can Serve

Well-known for providing premium quality HVAC systems, Envigaurd provides services to various locations in India, including Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Pune and other cities

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Are you based in Bangalore and want an efficient HVAC system? Give us a call and connect with our most expert staff.u based in Bangalore and want an effective HVAC system? We are just a call away.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I compare the products of your company? Who makes the best HVAC systems?

We have served various brands in Bangalore and other regions of India. To learn more about our numerous projects, please visit our website. We are India’s leading provider of high-efficiency HVAC systems, and there is nothing our professionals can’t manage.

What is the importance of indoor air quality?

Indoor air, like outdoor air, can be polluted at times. This necessitates the use of high-quality indoor air. Because you spend the majority of your time indoors, investing in a high-quality HVAC system can help keep your health safe.

Is it necessary to replace my HVAC system?

It is recommended that HVAC systems be replaced after 15 years because they lose their effectiveness. You might notice an increase in your electricity expenses as well.

What are the different HVAC products’ prices?

To learn more about Envigaurd’s HVAC product prices, email us at contact@envigaurd.com or call us at 8147605843.

How often should I have my HVAC system serviced?

You can stick to regular service schedules. Choose our Annual Maintenance Service to maintain the system up to date and avoid any problems.

What filters can I select for my new HVAC system?

It is advised that you use air filters with a MERV 6 or higher rating, according to HVAC regulations. MERV 8 to 13 filters work well in residential systems, whereas MERV 14 or above filters work well in industries.s can do well with MERV 8 to 13 filters, while industries with MERV 14 or higher.

When should I replace my air filters?

Depending on usage, HVAC air filters should be updated every 30 to 60 days. Commercial-grade filters might have a longer lifespan depending on how they are used.

How can I tell if I need a new HVAC system?

If you are looking for signs to replace your HVAC system, here are a few you need to keep in mind:

● Your HVAC is 15 years or older

● The repair cost is higher than half the original cost of the system

● Ever-increasing energy bills

● Temperature doesn’t stay; it keeps fluctuating

● Machine emitting odd sounds

● The unusual smell from the system

● The high amount of dust throughout the house

● Poor-quality air with higher chances of allergies

What does HVAC zoning mean?

The use of ductwork dampers to redirect and regulate air to certain areas of the house is known as HVAC zoning. It results in a personalized variant of the temperature zone, resulting in improved efficiency and comfort.

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