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Envigaurd save energy

Energy efficient systems

Get customized HVAC equipment which helps in saving energy consumption.

Envigaurd Improve Comfort

Top notch HVAC products

Get high quality HVAC equipment and systems with the latest cooling and heating techniques.

Envigaurd Ease of Installation

Easy installation

Our systems come with simple installation and less maintenance.

Envigaurd Fully Customizable

Effective designs

Our bunch of experts focus on creating designs to meet heating and cooling challenges. 8+1

What We Offer

Quality Designs

When it comes to quality, Envigaurd is the leading service provider in Hyderabad dealing in systems of industrial standards. We provide products which are efficient enough for all kinds of spaces. You can find our equipment is made using the best resources which in turn can give you effective results.

Envigaurd Manufacturer

Leading HVAC contractor in Hyderabad, Envigaurd is known for designing amazing systems for heating and cooling. If you want to buy a new one or upgrade the existing system, we have expertise in delivering all kinds of services. Through our specialized techniques we create energy saving equipment which can later help towards a sustainable environment. Get the consistency and complete transparency in our products.


From designing to installing, Envigaurd -HVAC contractors in Hyderabad focus on every aspect. The installation of the HVAC system is done error free and performed keeping in mind the space. Our experts install the systems after knowing the complete requirement. It is important that your systems should function properly and for that matter we consider installing them using the right methods.

Repair and Maintenance of HVAC Products

We offer a complete solution for HVAC products in Hyderabad including repair and maintenance. The experts at Envigaurd provide customer friendly after sale services. We take preventative measures to reduce the downtime and avoid any kind of breakdowns. Our aim is to make your system with ultimate efficiency and give you the desired results. If your system is working slow, get the help of our professionals and in no time your system will start working smoothly again.

Our Services in HVAC

Envigaurd, the HVAC contractor in Hyderabad, is known for providing the premium quality HVAC systems for commercial, residential and industrial purposes. After understanding the needs of industries we provide the best suitable equipment which includes air conditioning, heating, installing, and repairing.

Designing and Drafting

Our contractors based in Hyderabad are efficient enough in preparing the innovative designs. Various areas are analysed so that the results are achieved and with that various factors are considered such as heat recovery, zone control, and ventilation. The process involves:

  • Analysis of Layout
  • Heat Load Calculation
  • Estimation of Capacity
  • Full-Layout Designing
  • Engineering Drafting
  • Software We Use


Installing an HVAC system is complex but Envigaurd makes this easy. We have an expert team of professionals who can handle the installation without creating errors. Our aim is to make the system function properly. For installation, we follow the below steps:

  • Pre-Installation Survey of the Place Where AC Should be Installed
  • Installation by Our Experienced Certified Technicians
  • Post-Installation Quality Inspection

Our Installation Procedure

It is a fact that the installation work requires a lot of skill and therefore we have a trained team of experts who work towards making your system work more efficiently with perfect installation. Before the handover, the HVAC contractors at Hyderabad implement the below process:

  • Need Analysis
  • Undertaking Course of Action
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Sourcing of Equipment
  • Testing and Commission
  • Site Handover

Repairs and Services

Once you have got the systems installed, it is important to get the service done regularly. You will find full support from the Envigaurd team as we are experts in rectifying the issues and handling the errors. Our service does not stop after handing over the site. We provide you complete maintenance and take care that there is no failure in systems.

AMC’s (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Let your system stay updated with our Annual Maintenance Contract. We provide following options:

  • Ordinary Contract
  • Comprehensive Contract
  • With Compressor
  • Without Compressor
  • Service Support

AMC’s Benefits

It is crucial to maintain the HVAC systems for longer duration. It helps in overcoming the financial pains and operational issues. Considering that, it is advisable to choose AMC services. This prevents the system from any breakdown and reduces the damage which may occur in future. We at Hyderabad are well equipped with after sale services and can provide complete support in maintaining the quality of equipment.

The Projects We Can Handle

Envigaurd in Hyderabad comprises skilled engineers, designers, duct contractors, sales managers, and mechanics having detailed knowledge about HVAC systems. We take care of the projects from various sectors like:


We done our projects in Syngene, Tata Power Solar, Dr. Reddy’s, Bangalore Refinery, BHEL, GSK, IISc, ISRO, AirFlow, LabGuard, Kewaunee, HAL, HIKAL, Sami Labs, Zeus Biotech, Himalaya Herbals, Resonance, Shilp Pathology Laboratory, Unikelvin, Godrej and many more..

Envigaurd Industrial
Envigaurd Commercial


All Types of Commercial Buildings like Shopping malls, Retail Shops, etc.


Apartments, Villas, Individual Homes.

Envigaurd Residential

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Envigaurd recognizes its responsibility towards the customers and thus, adheres to the systematic quality policy.

Increase Efficiency

Our products help in utilizing the energy efficiently.


We provide solutions which are within your budget.

Innovative Solutions

TOur experts at Hyderabad design products which are based on new technology.

Quality Services

HVAC contractors in Hyderabad believe in delivering high-quality systems.

Client Satisfaction

Our experts at Mumbai are well-versed with standard quality service and monitor the systems regularly.

Satisfied Customers

Located in Hyderabad, Envigaurd has always given priority to the needs of customers. Our products are designed effectively so that it matches with the industry standards and provides complete satisfaction to the clients.

Why is the HVAC system required in Hyderabad?

The construction of new buildings in Hyderabad requires proper HVAC systems as it is now highly required by the industry. They work as a backbone of any building. There are different warehouses in Hyderabad and even big factories where HVAC systems are used to control the temperature. There are certain storage spaces where effective cooling and adequate ventilation is a must and therefore HVAC contractors in Hyderabad play a major role in designing and detailing in premium quality HVAC systems. As the latest trend is more about improved air quality and energy efficiency, smart cities like Hyderabad need proper HVAC products in commercial and residential spaces.

Where We Can Serve

Well-known for providing premium quality HVAC systems, Envigaurd is spread across various locations in India such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Pune.

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Are you located in Hyderabad or have a business here? If you need an HVAC system, connect with our experts.

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Frequently asked questions

What is HVAC zoning?

HVAC zoning is a technique that uses ductwork dampers to redirect and regulate air to specified sections of the house. It leads to a customized variant of the temperature zone to ensure enhanced efficiency and comfort.

How can I compare your company’s products? What is the Best Brand or Manufacturer of HVAC Systems?

We have provided services to various brands in Hyderabad and other parts of India. Visit our website to know more about our various projects. We are the leaders in providing the most effective HVAC system in India, and there is nothing our experts cannot handle.

How important is indoor air quality?

Today along with outdoor, indoor air is also impure at times. This makes it crucial to have good quality indoor air. As you spend a maximum amount of time indoors, choosing a premium quality HVAC system can benefit in keeping the health safe.

Why should I replace my HVAC system?

It is suggested to replace HVAC systems at least after 15 years because by then it loses its effectiveness. You may also find the rise in your electricity bills.

How can I compare your company’s products? What is the Best Brand or Manufacturer of HVAC Systems?

We are serving different companies in Mumbai with highly durable HVAC systems. To know more about our products you can visit our website or connect with our experts.

How often should I service my HVAC system?

You can follow regular service timelines. To keep the system updated choose our Annual Maintenance Service and avoid any glitches.

What are the different filters I can choose for my new HVAC system?

As per HVAC standards, it is recommended that you opt for air filters that have MERV 6 or a higher marking. Residential systems can do well with MERV 8 to 13 filters, while industries with MERV 14 or higher.

How often should I replace my air filters?

HVAC air filters should typically be replaced every 30 to 60 days depending on the usage. The duration can be longer for commercial-grade filters depending on the usage.

How do I know if I need a new HVAC system?

If you are looking for signs to replace your HVAC system, here are a few you need to keep in mind:

● Your HVAC is 15 years or older

● The repair cost is higher than half the original cost of the system

● Ever-increasing energy bills

● Temperature doesn’t stay; it keeps fluctuating

● Machine emitting odd sounds

● The unusual smell from the system

● The high amount of dust throughout the house

● Poor-quality air with higher chances of allergies

Where can I find pricing information on the different HVAC products?

To get information related to the HVAC product pricing at Envigaurd, you can contact us at contact@envigaurd.com or give us a quick call at 8147605843.

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