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As more and more people get updated about FRP tanks and their features, the customer base of Enviguard FRP tanks increases. This is because Envirgurad FRP tanks are a symbol of toughness, durability, longer shelf life, and light body. 

When we start a deployment for a particular product to your office or home address, we make sure that the Enviguard products are checked twice. One check is done for quality and the other check is done for packaging and delivery. So when you receive the product, you are impressed by how much care we have taken for your package. 

FRP Chemical Storage Product
Why should you choose Enviguard FRP Chemical Storage tanks?

The first foremost reason has to be corrosion resistance. Realize that when a tank holds water for a longer duration of time then it gets corroded. An FRP tank provides corrosion resistance seamlessly. Maintenance and replacement are reduced to half when they are compared with concrete tanks.

The second point in consideration would be the labour cost. When concrete tanks are used, the tank is heavy. Heavy tanks need expensive installation costs. When things are light like FRP tanks, the installation is very affordable.

Think of a long-term investment, then worrying about the short-term. When you use other materials for tanks, then the cost might be cheap at first. Then you realize that it was a wrong investment since the maintenance cost has almost emptied your bank account. When an FRP tank is used then the maintained cost becomes nonexistent. This shows that  FRP tanks are profitable in the long run.

Why do people call us the best FRP Chemical Storage tank manufacturer?

As an FRP tank manufacturer, we produce both FRP tank and FRP tank vessels. Enviguard products are customer-centric and are fit for industrial and commercial water treatment plants. Made with Fiber-reinforced plastic, our stock is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and robust. The on-site installation is done by our skilled professionals, so it hardly takes any time. You can expect a setup within ten minutes. 

Enviguard merchandise is designed in such a way that it can endure the harsh environment. Also, they tend to form great load bearers. So, if you have a requirement for a vessel for your water treatment plant, then Enviguard is your destination. 

We have professionals that have been in the industry for a very long time. So, any water requirement needs of your sewage plant can be taken care of by us. Some of the

FRP tanks and vessel that are manufactured by us are
  • FRP composite vessel
  • FRP storage tanks
  • FRP horizontal tank
  • FRP pressure tanks
  • Bottom and top FRP vessel
Some of the exclusive features of Your FRP tanks and FRP tank vessel
  • All Envigaurd FRP Tank vessel provides you with high performance
  • All the FRP tank vessel has impeccable finish and is highly durable
  • Very easy to install and light-weight
  • Presence of sight glass to see the operation taking place
  • Discharge is accurate
Why trust Envigaurd with your funds

The process of construction of Enviguard FRP products is known as filament wilding.   The Fiber-reinforced plastic used in our product is known to withstand hydrostatic forces and strong tensile forces.  It is proven that FRP is sturdier than steel, so the quality of your stock is top-notch. Some of the advantages of using Enviguard products can be summarized as follows.

  • An abrasion resistance product
  • Excellent sustainable performance
  • No leaking troubles
  • Super affordable
  • Can tolerate high pressure without damaging the infrastructure
  • Corrosion resistance coupled with versatility
How our products help in water treatment

The feature of FRP makes it immune to harsh chemicals and liquids. Thus, the flow of the water can be easy in FRP tank vessels and there are no problems of leaking. Also, high-pressure liquids flow seamlessly through them and our FRP products would not even break a sweat. 

 Due to its flexible nature, you will have the privilege to transform an Enviguard product into any size or structure you want. That means you can make our FRP product appear horizontal, vertical, small, and big. Determining the size of the FRP tank vessel would be left to you.

Why come to us, though you have several other options?
  • We come and watch your water treatment plants. Based on that, we suggest some of our FRP products that would serve your business seamlessly.
  • We think of the customer before we think of your own profit
  • Any problem that you face with an Envigurad product, our team is one call away. So, when you make a call to our technical engineers, they would greet you in the same day
  • Other companies provide you with expensive pricing, we understand the importance of hard-earned money that you have made, and hence we keep Enviguard product pricing super affordable.
Some of our most used products
  • FRP chemical storage tanks: These tanks are used to treat the chemical environments in chemical processing, wastewater treatment, and power generation.
  • FRP acid storage: In a normal acid tank, the acid that is stored in the tank, makes the tank lose its infrastructure through corrosion. Enviguard FRP acid storage tank is corrosion-resistant, hence no harm comes to the structure.
  • FRP biodigester tank: This tank has a self-cleaning mechanism, so you don’t have to worry about the waste getting accumulated inside the tank. The special chemicals present in the tank take care of the waste smell.
  • FRP pickling tank: The inbuilt suction mechanism present in this tank, allows the tank to consume the acidic fumes and create a natural environment for your plant.
  • FRP chemical water storage tank: This tank stores chemical water, making sure the infrastructure of the tank doesn’t get hampered.
  • FRP pressure tank: This tank maintains the high pressure of water inside the tank. If not, there could be chances of bacteria formation.
  • FRP dosing tank: these tanks are appreciated since they come with sturdiness, durability, and high corrosion resistant.
  • FRP planting tank: These tanks can be used to store plants. The design of the tank can be made according to the needs of the client since we have a 3D printing method available.

Frequently asked questions

How do you clean your FRP tanks?

We clean it using special chemicals. You won’t smell the waste since they are taken care of by the chemical. 

Would infrastructure break due to high pressure ?

Our product is made to withstand high pressure in tanks, hence there will be no break in infrastructure or water leakage

Is your FRP products strong ?

Much sturdier than concrete and steel.

Is your FRP products affable?

Super affordable since it has low maintain ace cost.

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