Polycarbonate Laboratory glove box

Polycarbonate lab glove box is an isolated testing environment that protects the personnel from the toxic nature of the chemical being used and also protects the outside environment from any contamination risks. These have a variety of applications in a pathology lab where specimen and tissue cultures are required to be cultured in an area with no occupational or contamination risks.

Envigaurd’s polycarbonate laboratory glove box is made from sturdy polycarbonate fiber which offers excellent seal and support concerning the task. The ergonomic design helps provides extra comfort for work and reduce chore hours. 

Features of Envigaurd’s polycarbonate laboratory glove box includes:
  • Automated low-humidity control which rakes 0% RH
  • All moisture sensitive equipment mike microelectronics, pathology equipment, and medical devices can be operated on within the box without risk of exposure.
  • Gas control system auto-adjusts nitrogen purge to maintain sub-ambient humidity set point
  • RH and nitrogen levels are efficiently maintained which makes it economical than any normal flow meter.
  • Installation and maintenance of the compartment are easy with fully automated system configurations.
  • Smart atmospheric control gives proper isolation, temperature, and RH control. Proper flow is important for any secured and contaminants-free work area.
  • Censors and indicators installed within the system will give all indications of the airflow, temperature, and any accidental leaks in the glove compartment to provide adequate protection.

Envigaurd’s cost-effective and long-term management solutions make it a worthwhile investment for any lab environment. The compartment is available in different shapes and sizes but we also take in custom orders based on customer requirements. With every step of the design process, we work with experts in the field providing you with all the information required to make it an efficient custom product. All logistic and installation is handled by our professionals with an extension of support provided well into the life cycle of the product. All-inclusive, at just one place. 

Frequently asked questions

How good are these at keeping in toxic fumes during experiments?

The manufacturing is done with precision and all the security seals are valves shut which makes it unlikely for anything to leak out. When using this product you can rest assured that no harm will be done to inside or outside environment. 

Is there any history of spillage or leaks with these products?

We take the utmost care during the design and manufacturing phase of the product with rigorous quality testing at each threshold. The installation is also done by us during which we check further for any possible defects. This makes no room for any possible leaks in the future.

How user-friendly is the polycarbonate glove box?

Polycarbonate is a sturdy material that is safe from any fire or occupational hazard. This also makes it lightweight, hence anyone can move it around without any help.

Are further information and queries resolved after product delivery?

Our goal at Envigaurd is to provide the best possible experience to our customers. Even after the installation, we keep in touch with our customers to keep ourselves updated with the performance of the product and resolve any issues which may hamper the task to be completed. 

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