SS Ducts Manufacturer:

At Envigaurd we manufacture the most premium stainless steel ducts.  The SS ducts that are available in our company come in various sizes and shapes so that we can comply with the diverse client needs.

The ducts that are manufactured by us seem to be a perfect fit for residential purposes, industrial purposes, air passages, and exhaust systems. We assure you that the quality that you will get from us is the finest since before delivery we test our products multiple times so that they are free from any defects.

Some of the most prominent features of our ss ducts
  • They are free from resistance and corrosion
  • Easy installation
  • Provides high performance since they are durable
  • Most suited for industrial application
  • Correctly measured and perfected according to the client’s needs
  • The finishing is strong and hence its looks attractive
  • Reasons why SS ducting should your preferable choice
Why our ducts is a perfect industrial fit

Our ducts are used in industries since it improves the quality of the indoor air and helps the industrial rooms reach a thermal comfort. There are preferably five types of exiting that we use. One is known as stainless steel rectangular ducting, the other is known as mild ducting, and the last one is known as spiral ducting.

  • In the case of mild ducting, the carbon concentration is being kept at 0.29 %. This is done so that we can increase the fire-resistant characteristic by applying coats of red oxide or fire-rated stray coat.
  • The stainless steel rectangular ducting is mostly used in HVAC systems in industries since they have to be made using industrial standards. The ducts are dipped in galvanized steel so that lock quality is maintained.
  • Last but not least would be the use of spiral ducting. They are also used in industries when business owners want ducting that looks attractive due to its aesthetic design. The interior decoration of the industrial rooms gets a boost of looks through this ducting.
Why people come to us for their ducting needs

Our ducts are specially designed to meet industrial standards. Hence business owners who earlier used aluminum replace with our stainless steel ducting since our products are much durable and are free from corrosion. In addition, stainless steel is much rigid than aluminum.

Since we manufacture ducting according to hotels, hospitals, and office buildings, a diverse group of clients comes to us with their needs. The fittings and installation is made by our highly skilled professionals, so there is no hassle of poor service, product damage, and quality compromise.

Frequently asked questions

1.What is stainless steel ducting?

The ducting which involves the use of chromium that prevents stainless steel from getting corroded can be known as stainless steel ducting .

2.Why are stainless steel ducts used in industries?

This because industries want to prevent any wastage. When you use ductwork other than SS ducting there is a chance of electrical wattage, temperature drops, and leaks. With SS ducting there is no such issue.

3.Which stainless steel ductwork is the best?

For industries stainless steel rectangular ducting works best.

4.Is there any process of wielding the ductwork?

Yes, there is a way. if you instruct our professionals, we can produce clean welds that run from 17 GPA to 10GPA.

5.Why trust Your Company for ductwork?

Since we provide diverse ductwork, which is durable, has an easy installation policy, and has a corrosion-free characteristic.

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