PP Under bench cabinet

Polypropylene under bench cabinets is used mostly for storing acids and alkali for ease of reach as these are mostly used for specific titration and reaction purposes and are not as toxic as the harsh chemicals. Under bench cabinets are usually placed under the working area in a position that’s easy to reach. Envigaurd provides under-bench cabinets in various shapes and sizes. Depending on the requirement, it can be sliding-based or door-based cabinets, each of which has tiers within them to store the containers.

Under bench cabinets are made deep in the horizontal axis so they take up less space as possible and can store the maximum amount of containers. Envigaurd takes custom orders as well and our pre-made under bench cabinets are also available in various sizes. The cabinets are made as user-friendly as possible and are provided with locks and secure seals to make them air-tight. Also, these are made mobile and are applied with wheels for easy transport of the goods whenever necessary.

Enviguard’s polypropylene under bench cabinets are efficiently and elegantly designed to be mounted on high-quality castors for ease of installation and removal. The features we provide with our products are the best in the market regarding quality control and ergonomic design.

Our PP under bench cabinet features:
  • Ergonomic design with sliding and door handles put on an easy angle so the person does not have to reach too much to get a grip on it. This reduces the overall strain during lab work.
  • Locking and magnetic stick mechanism to provide a safe and compatible environment to store all sorts of liquids.
  • Custom dimensions can also be available for specific tiers within the under bench cabinet for different storage requirements according to the order placed by the customer.

Envigaurd’s custom-made polypropylene under bench cabinets are designed and handled by experts right from the drawing board. Your product is always in good hands and all the necessities after ordering are handled by us. 

Frequently asked questions

Does the sliding mechanism get stuck?

The slides are made from high-grade stainless steel which ensures a smooth opening and closing every time the cabinet is opened. The anti-wear and anti-rust coating on top of that make sure the mechanism is smooth for the entirety of the product life.

Can the cabinets can be moved around with ease?

We use high-quality polypropylene plastic which is light as well as sturdy. The cabinets are designed with all ergonomic factors in mind and can be moved around by just one person. 

Is there any risk of spillage?

At Envigaurd we rigorously check for quality assurance with all our manufactured products. This makes it possible for us to test the product with all environmental and hazard factors in mind before shipping the final build to consumers. There is a minimum risk of any spillage from within the cabinet.

Is 24X7 customer support available?

Envigaurd takes pride in our customer support department and all queries are resolved at the latest even after product installation. 

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