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Traditional fans were built in order to keep the room refreshing.  They were used in our bedroom, dining space, and guest rooms. As time passed, there was a need for a fan that would be needed in other areas like the kitchen.  

Hence manufacturers started to build a product that would eliminate the hot air produced in the kitchen and provide the kitchen room with cool air. These products came to know as a kitchen exhaust fan.

Why every food business and industry needs an exhaust fan?

Whenever the food is cooked in the industrial kitchen, the smell of the food gets imprisoned in the office.  Hence you must have seen grease getting collected in your factory walls and the smell of the food getting trapped in your office furniture. In order to mitigate all these issues, a kitchen exhaust becomes necessary .

Top 5 reason why you should consider us for your industrial kitchen needs
  • You now have the power to adjust or control the humid air:

The steam generated while cooking food in the factory kitchen causes the formation of mild and dew. With the help of our GI kitchen fan , you will notice a significant change.

Our kitchen fan would pull out the humid air from your factory kitchen and would provide you with a comforting kitchen experience. In addition, our product is very easy to install, hence it will serve as an upgrade for your factory kitchen décor.

  • Control odor and fumes:

When our product will be located at the top of your factory kitchen, all the smoke and odor that’s get generated from the cooking process will get eliminated.  During the summer, our product will serve as an excellent tool for heat removal and prevent causing of air-born pollutants.

  • Clean furniture:

When you cook something in your factory kitchen that means you are cooking up food for several people. The same goes for if you are running a resultant chain. Each and every day you are making meal preparation for colossal of people. 

In this process, a lot of targets  generated, and hence these targets  accumulated in your restaurant furniture or factory furniture. This cans easily eliminated with the help of a kitchen fan that would prevent such kind of behavior from happening.

  • Improved lightning:

Our GI kitchen exhaust hood comes with cutting-edge lighting technology. This would mean that industry kitchens and restaurants would have direct lightning conditions while preparing for their food.  

We are under the impression that industries and restaurant kitchen prepares different kinds of dishes and that would involve using several recipes. Recipes involve ingredients of different colors and textures and hence the use of light from our product will help you cook with perfection.

  • Carbon monoxide generation:

A lot of people are unaware that kitchen appliances present are prone to the production of carbon monoxide.  Our exhaust hoods would pull out the carbon monoxide and keep your customers and factory workers safe from health problems.

Your requirement our products

The professionals present at Enviguard are highly trained individuals. We can customize our products according to your needs; hence you don’t have to worry about a standardized format of kitchen hood vent that you get from another manufacturer. Get connected to us right away for further information on vent hood.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do industry kitchens really need an extractor fan kitchen?

The answer is a resounding yes. We are hoping that you don’t like grease, dust, and order over your office furniture, and hence extractor fan kitchen is a must-have.

2. Does the kitchen hood saves people from a health problem?

Yes, most definitely it does. It pulls out hot air during summer and also eliminates carbon monoxide that comes out from kitchen appliances.

3. What’s the cost of your GI kitchen exhaust?

We have different products that have to serve different industry needs. Please get connected to us to know the pricing.

4. Does your GI kitchen exhaust improve my screen décor?

Most definitely. All our GI kitchen exhausts products have an attractive infrastructure, so your kitchen would definitely get a boost on interior design.

5. Does your extractor fan kitchen has an easy installation curve?

Yes, our extractor fan kitchen is super easy to install and use.

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