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The FRP chemical reactor made by Enviguard is a sign of strength and optimum quality.   Our FRP reactor comes in an affordable rate that is coupled with long shelf life. As a reputed FRP manufacturer, Enviguard makes sure that the FRP reactor that you get delivered are corrosion free and made up of materials like polyvinyl chloride, vinyl ester, epoxy resins and polypropylene.  In this page you are going to lean:

What is an FRP reactor?

An FRP reactor is a closed volume of space where chemical reactions are carried out. The skilled professionals present in our company make sure that the reaction taking place in the reactor is of the highest efficiency and the output that you get is favourable. Enviguard makes sure that operating cost from our side is kept at a minimum so that you could purchase our FRP chemical reactor at an affordable price.

Types of FRP chemical reactors we manufacture

There are different types of FRP chemical reactor that you can purchase from our company. In this digital piece, we are going to discuss some of the most purchased reactors by our customers. Some of them can be stated as follows:

  • Batch reactor:

This is the most common reactor that fulfils all the industrial needs.  In this reactor, the materials are loaded and operated in a stipulated time frame. 

  • CSTR (Continuous stir tank reactor):

Here reactor effluent is first removed and then fluid reagents are added. Now with the help of an impeller we make sure that the field agents are properly mixed.

  • PFR (Plug flow reactor):

In this reactor, we pump the fluid reagents with the method of the tube or a pipe. At first, the reaction rate is very high, since the concentration of the reagents is high.  Soon when the concentration of the reagents decreases the rate of reaction also gets reduced with it. 

  • Semi batch reactor:

A reactor that operates both by the continuous flow of batch outputs and inputs can be termed as a semi batch reactor. Here the reactor is loaded with microbes and medium.  Once this is done, it produces a large number of carbon dioxide. 

The carbon monoxide needs to be removed on a continuous basis.  This means in semi batch operation; one chemical reaction is inserted into the reactor then a second chemical is added very slowly. This produces an aqueous solution in the reactor.

  • Catalytic reactor:

 The catalytic reactor is followed in a complicated treatment. This means the rate of the reaction will increase and decrease with the reactants present in the solution. In order to start a reaction, a solid catalyst is added with the liquid reactants. This type of catalytic reaction is also termed as chemical kinetics indicates that our FRP chemical reactor supports combustion.

Why our FRP reactor is the best

Well, our FRP reactor eliminates any competition due to the following reasons:

  • Our product is lightweight
  • Our product is very easy to install
  • Always in compliance with the industry standards
  • Provides resistant to corrosion and abrasion
  • Product is made available in various capacities
  • Product made out of the highest standards of quality

Why choose our FRP chemical reactor

Enviguard has a team that has massive knowledge in FRP products, so our professionals are committed to delivering a product that has a longer service life, accurate dimensions and sturdy construction.

Cleaning methods used in FRP chemical reactor

We used the method of uniform cleaning and improved cleaning to clean our reactors.  In uniform cleaning, we used the 3D nozzle. Using a 3D nozzle, it gives the facility to provide high quality cleaning in our reactors. 

In uniform cleaning, the rotation of the 3D nozzle is taken care by the magnetic braking mechanism.  When the magnetic braking mechanism is used it helps us to control the rotating speed of the nozzle. 

Thorough improved cleaning we tend to achieve the convergence in high pressure water. With the help of nozzles developed by Enviguard engineers, the impact of energy on the high-pressure water can be minimized. 

Frequently asked questions

1.What do you mean by an FRP coating inside the reactor?

The FRP coating in the reactor basically means a superior quality coating that we apply inside the reactor, to make the FRP chemical reactor durable.

2. What do you mean by FRP pressure vessel?

We use a composite known as fiber reinforced plastic for the construction of FRP pressure vessels. Hence FRP pressure vessels are an equipment size of less than 90 meters.  The FRP pressure vessels are made out of FRP.

3. IS your FRP reactor strong?

The answer is a resounding yes. The high strength to weight ratio of our FRP makes our FRP chemical reactor strong but light weighted merchandise.  When compared with wood and metal products, our FRP product emerges as the winner.

4. Why FRP is used in your reactors?

The most important reason is due to its light weighted features. Studies have successfully shown that the FRP is eight times lighter than concrete.  In addition, the cost of Labour for installing an FRP product is half than that of the concrete.

5. Is your FRP product stronger than steel reactors

Yes, Envigaurd FRP product’s more flexural strength which makes it stronger than steel.

6. Is your FRP products expensive

When you use traditional materials for your reactors, the maintenance cost and the additional cost will burn a whole in your pocket. With our FRP product, there is no such hassle. Enviguard products are super affordable.

7. Is your product waterproof?

Yes indeed. Enviguard FRP product ceiling panel and a laminate surface which makes it resistant against wet environments.

8. Is your product fire resistant?

Our FRP chemical reactor has a special coating inside them. So, during the reaction the internal walls will not get burned.  This indicates that our FRP chemical reactor supports combustion.

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