PP Wall Cabinet

Polypropylene wall cabinets are corrosive acid storing cabinets for laboratory purposes and are CE certified. These are the premium storage products that are manufactured from polypropylene plastic and meet the design standards of NFPA and OSHA. The manufacturing and relentless quality testing make it an ideal product for any type of acid works as a hassle-free solution for any research or testing.

At Envigaurd we provide all sorts of PP wall cabinets with varying dimensionality and volume for any specific lab sizes and requirements. Products are available with a different number of shelves and volume capacity for acid storage. Orders can also be customized based on preference and requirements. Cabinets can be wall-mounted or shelved. We handle all the manufacturing and logistical operations up to the installation of the product. Sufficient assistance will be provided after product delivery and 24×7 query support will aid in case of any mishandlings.

Features of our polypropylene cabinets are:
  • Acid and corrosive content cabinets which are NFPA and OSHA approved. These guarantees total safety from fire and other occupational hazards associated with handling these sorts of equipment.
  • Varying sizes and functionality with different categories ranging from wall-mounted cabinets, hanging cabinets to small wall cabinets and mini-sized cabinets.
  • Custom sizes to choose from and also custom orders available based on laboratory specifications.
  • Design, manufacturing, supply, and installation are all done by our professionals making Envigaurd the one-stop solution for all PP wall cabinets and corrosive content storage solutions, with round-the-clock customer support for all our products.

Envigaurd provides cost-effective and long-lasting products with the top of line manufacturing procedures along with frequent quality checks before delivering the final product to customers. This ensures that both the product and the environment are safe from chemical deterioration. These cabinets are also as lightweight as they are sturdy, making them easier to move around and carry to other places.

Frequently asked questions

Are PP wall cabinets flammable?

Polypropylene cabinets are made from polypropylene plastic and meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards making them fire-resistant and not a hazard.

Is there any history of spillage or leaks with these products?

We take the utmost care during the design and manufacturing phase of the product with rigorous quality testing at each threshold. The installation is also done by us during which we check further for any possible defects. This makes no room for any possible leaks in the future.

How user-friendly is a PP wall cabinet?

Polypropylene plastic is a sturdy material that is safe from any fire or occupational hazard. This also makes it lightweight, hence anyone can move it around without any help.

Are further information and queries resolved after product delivery?

Our goal at Envigaurd is to provide the best possible experience to our customers. Even after the installation, we keep in touch with our customers to keep ourselves updated with the performance of the product and resolve any issues which may hamper the task to be completed. 

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