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We at Envigaurd are known for three things. Firstly, for the impeccable quality of service we provide to our customers, secondly, we have an eye for design and lastly for the superior technical minds that always ahead of the game.

We as FRB scrubber manufacturers always designed products that would provide elasticity and reinforced mechanical strength. As FRB scrubber suppliers, we supply our products to industries that are made up of deformable plastic material.

Thus, our products are used in bromide and bromine plants. In this page we are going to discuss:

  • What does an FRP scrubber mean?
  • Why our FRP scrubber is so popular
  • Best features of our FRP scrubber
  • Inspection performed in FRB scrubber
  • Frequently asked questions and answers

What does an FRP scrubber mean?

An FRP scrubber is a device that is meant to control pollution. FRB scrubber suppliers like Envigaurd makes sure soluble gases like NOX, BR2, HCL, Cl2, and NH3 are safely removed from the exhaust steam of the industries. 

As FRP scrubber manufacturers we ensure that the FRP scrubber delivered by us has a steel sturdiness. In addition, our product can withstand corrosive chemicals and high temperature.

All the products that are delivered at your doorstep are made under the strict supervision of our skilled professionals that demonstrate an advanced level of engineering. Hence our products are made up of impeccable quality and has a very long shelf life. Our product uses an advanced level of technology known as the fusion welding technology that restricts us from producing any leak in the product.

Why our FRP scrubber is so popular?

We are known as the best FRP scrubbers manufactures Bangalore, since our FRP scrubber system can be made according to the needs of the customer. This shows, we deliver highest standards of quality, keeping your requirements in mind.

Best features of our FRP Scrubber

There are three best features of our fiber reinforced plastic scrubber, these are known as incredible physical strength, easy installation guide and rigid structure.

Customers chooses our FRP scrubber for repeated Service because our FRP scrubber has long shelf life, chemical resistance coupled with weather resistance and tremendous mechanical strength.

We can summarize a number of advantages that comes with our product. These are:

  • Has very reasonable thermal expansion characteristics
  • Does not corrode so no cladding
  • Can withstand ultraviolet radiation
  • Long-lasting product
  • Does not harm the environment.

Inspection performed in our FRP Scrubber

As stated above, our company believes in quality over quantity. This is the reason we do quality assurance test, before we sell the products to you. Some of the significant tools, that we use are:

  • Usual hand tools:

These devices include digital calipers, protractors, and flashlights.  A 35mm camera that would take high-resolution pictures for documenting. Also, we use a dimensioning tape to contribute scale in pictures.

  • Dimension verification:

Here a Pi (π) tape is used for measuring the diameters of the completed products.

  • Thickness verification:

For thickness verification FRP scrubber, we make the use of ultrasonic magnetic meters. These meters provide precise measure measurement of the FRP scrubber.

  • Laminate hardness verification:

For laminate hardness verification, we make the use of acetone.  We apply the acetone on the surface of the FRP scrubber, which gives us an indication of the surface.

  • Void verification:

For void verification we make the use of sound wand. A sound want is a 3-foot-long stick with a metal head placed at the end.   In order to know the voids, the wand is bended in the surface for continues motion.  This tell us about the embedded defects on the surface of the FRP scrubber.

Frequently asked questions

1.Why use FRP?

We need to realize that composite now serves as a daily driver. They are now widely used in military defense, aerospace and civil structures. FRP has proven itself to be one of the best durable materials present today. FRP surpasses traditional steel and concrete, based on the fact that minimizes cost of ownership for lifetime.

2. Is our FRP scrubber corrosion resistant?

The answer is a resounding yes. Our FRP scrubber is designed to withstand environmental factors and factory-made chemicals.  Our product can be exposed to continuous trail of chemicals and would not break a sweat.

3. Does our FRP product has low installation cost?

Unlike concreate, our FRP product is easy to install, and hence have low installation costs.  The light weight nature of our FRP scrubber reduces the need more machinery and special materials like overweight floats and loaders.

4. Does your FRP product require high maintenance?

Our FRP scrubber doesn’t corrode, doesn’t require painting or fade and hence it does not need replacing over time.  The inner walls of our product stay cleaner than concrete.  Also, the we use UV inhibitors, which makes or product resistance tough environment like harsh sun rays.

5. Does you FRP product leak

Our FRP product do not leak, since we use a sealed unit. In the case of concrete, the leakage happens to osmosis in the concrete structure .

6. What’s the life expectancy for your product?

Our FRP products have a long shelf life.  This is because our product is resistant to corrosion. In the case of concrete, it needs to replaced over time due to corrosion.

7. Is your product simple to use?

Our product act as a homogeneous unit. Therefore, no fitting is required. In the case of concrete, the product needs to fixed on site. So it’s very simple to use.

8. Is your product lightweight?

Our FRP product weight one-quarter of the total weight of steel.

9.Is your product superior in strength

The glass to resin ratio of our FRP scrubber makes our product very strong and gives it strong load-bearing capabilities.  When combined with non-corrosive characteristics our product will be unmatchable to traditional materials.

10.Does your product give high performance?

Our FRP product has proven itself to be resistant to very tough conditions. It acts as a superior replacement for steel and concrete.

11.Does your product provide cost savings?

Our product is built on advanced engineering. So that means we take of maintenance, installation, and price of the product. The final outcome is low cost and quick return on investment.

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