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In order to reduce industrial air pollution HVAC ducting is very necessary. In simple words, HVAC ducting is a process where cool air is supplied in your organization, so that the warm air gets removed. 
On this page, you will learn about HVAC ducting that we use and our HVAC duct is changing the dynamics of the industry. So without further delay, let’s jump right in
Understanding HVAC
HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. So there are a lot of times when you see big pipes in residential buildings or in office spaces. They are being installed in these areas because they provide excellent environmental comfort.
These days many industries are opting for this technology because the air quality that is brought by HVAC is phenomenal. The V in HVAC stands for ventilation, so this means all the moisture, dust, bacteria, and gases are removed with the ventilation system that is present in HVAC. With the help of setting, industries and residential building achieve fresh oxygen and temperature control.
The process that goes into HVAC
The main function of the HVAC system is to improve air quality. We at Envigaurd  makes sure that you reach thermal comfort and have maximum air comfort. There are a total of nine things that you should know in HVAC settings and these are known as electrical elements, compressor, coils, blower, outdoor unit, and exhaust outlets. let
Envigaurd tell you about the working functions of the HVAC setting so that you can create a visual block in your mind The first part is known as the air return. The air return sucks the outdoor air, which gets filtered, and then it passes on to the main system. As an HVAC manufacturer, we make sure that we continually clean the dust and debris that get collected in the duct The second part is the filtered process. Here the outdoor air quality is checked for dust.
Envigaurd always changes the filters from time to time so that your HVAC settings remain at the top from The third part is known as the exhaust system, here all the warm air is filtered out.
The fourth process is known as ducts. It is through the ducts where the hot and clean air gets passed. We at Envigaurd  change the duct framework every 2 to 5 years so that your HVAC setting doesn’t get damaged. The five-phase is known as the outdoor unit. We make sure that the outdoor unit is always cleared of debris and dust. The six-phase is known as the coils, this is a place where the coll air finds its passage. We check the coils every year so that coils don’t get frozen · The last part is known as the blower. We make sure to clean it every month so that air passage is seamless.
What is included in our system?

The first element that is included in our HVAC system is known as the boiler. Here we include a pipe that carries the outdoor air. The next element is known as ventilation where we eradicate any kind of dust, smoke, and debris. The last element has air conditions which are designed to clear out heated air from indoors and provide thermal comfort.

Why should you go HVAC instead of air conditioning?
HVAC and air conditioning have a massive difference. Air conditioning is only a part of the HVAC system where you only get cool air. In the case of air conditioners there is no guarantee that the air you get indoors is of the topmost quality. In the case of an HVAC system the all the dust and debris are filtered out and then passed through the pipe, so the air that you get is pure and is of the top quality. In addition, all the indoor air is removed through the HVAC system which is not the case with air conditioning.
How many years does our HVAC system last
Well, it really depends on maintaining. If you don’t put the effort into maintaining your HVAC system then it can die out within a year. In our case, this is usually not the case. Our HVAC systems last for 5 to 10 years since we deliver you with impeccable service. We check the ventilation, filter, and air conditioning continuously so it remains in the top form.

Frequently asked questions

What is the role of HVAC engineers in your company?

At Envigaurd our engineers work tirelessly to ensure that the HVAC system that is provided to you has optimal temperature control. This is why we first visit your organization and design an HVAC system based on your office layout.

Is there any risk with HVAC?

There are two risks associated with an HVAC system, one is known as the carbon monoxide risk and the other is known as the burning risk, which happens when you get electrocuted. 

Our HVAC system is completely risk-free, this means we make sure that you are not unprotected in front of carbon monoxide emissions and not get electrocuted, since we constantly check our HVAC electrical elements for safety

How long does an HVAC system last?

HVAC systems last for 5 to 10 years, provided that you maintain in continuously.

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