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We at Envigaurd manufacture and distribute FRP swimming pool that is suitable for modern and traditional resorts and residential purposes.   Customers come to us for repeated service, since the FRP swimming pool designed by us are of the highest quality.

As an FRP swimming pool manufacturer, we design products according to your space and availability. So, if you are someone who is looking for FRP swimming pool manufacturer that designs pools with world class materials, then we are just one call away.

In this page, we are going to discuss some major points regarding FRP swimming pool, so that you can be clear on what is it? and why you need it? The revelations are as follows:

  • What is FRP swimming pool?
  • Why our FRP swimming pool is the best
  • The pool setting, we recommend
  • Swimming pool cleaning tool we use
  • FRP storage tanks for water softening
  • FAQ

What is FRP swimming pool

An FRP swimming pool is a pool setup that is easy to maintain, has less installation cost and creates a beautiful atmosphere. With the help of FRP swimming pool you have ceramic tiles, do beautiful color finishes, and install stunning pools lights.

Why our FRP swimming pool is the best

Well, there are five reasons why we tower above our competitors. Let us enlighten you with our FRP swimming pool advantages, so that you will be compelled to buy one.

  • Quick and easy installation:

Our FRP swimming pool can be installed within a span of seven days.  While other pools take more than a week to get installed. Also, our FRP swimming pool doesn’t depend on weather conditions.  Just have a look at concrete pools or vinyl pools, they require specific weather conditions or they tend to get damaged during installation.

  • Less damage:

People who used vinyl pools, use it with lot of care and concern. They are in a constant fear of the pool getting punctured due to dog claws, non-safety pool toys, and sharp edges of the pool pole. There are no such hassles with our product.

  • Little maintenance:

When you use our FRP swimming pool, you will see the difference yourself. Our customers spend time in enjoying our product rather than worrying about it every other day. Our product, has less porous surface, so there is less algae formation.  Now if you use any other pool, you will spend time in cleaning and maintaining the pool, rather than enjoying the pool benefits.

  • No replacement hassles:

If you look at Vinyl pool customers. You will see that they have to acid wash their pool each year so that it doesn’t get damaged. Also, they have to remove the vinyl liners which need to replaced every once in a while. When you are customer our company’s FRP swimming pool, there is no such trouble.

  • Life time cost:

 Realize that a swimming pool is a great investment.  Either you take it for family or your business, you will reap its benefits in the years to come. These long-term benefits can only be taken into account, if you can maintain the pool with for a longer period using minimum additional cost. With vinyl and concrete pool, it’s never possible. With FRP swimming pool it is possible.

Swimming pool cleaning tools we use

For proper maintenance of our product FRP swimming pool, we use three products. These are poll suction head, pool suction sweeper and standard wall brush.

  • Pool suction head:

This is device that is made up of vacuum head of SS 304. The heavy weight of this device, allows us to perform a deep clean over the swimming pool.  When other vacuum heads are used, they tend to float on deep water, our device stands firm.

  • Pool suction sweeper:

 In order to clean the swimming pool floor seamless, we use the device known as pool suction sweeper.  The device consists of a handle, starter kit, wire and a trolley that carries a motor pump.

  • Standard wall brush:

 In order to clean the swimming pool walls, you need a device that can clean the dirt effectively, standard wall brush provides just that.  The bristles present in the brush are made up of high-quality materials that provides a long shelf life.

The pool setting, we recommend

We recommend a pool setting that has a garden swing. An FRP garden swing will enhance the environment of your pool. When you use our FRP garden swing you are creating a room for relaxation.

Be it the family members of your private swimming pool, or customers at your resorts, everybody needs a swing. The swing provides a breeze of air against their face and give them a feeling being airborne.

When you use our FRP garden swing, you are automatically creating body control for your customers. So, who does our FRP garden swing achieve this? when you take a swing with our product you are informing your body about the joint movement in your legs. As a result, you will see your customer pump harder in the swing as they become more aware of their body control.

FRP storage tanks for water softening

As a pool owner your water should be soft, our FRP tanks for swimming pool provide just that. When hard water is used, it has increased number of magnesium and calcium which is harmful both for the pool walls and the human skin.

When you come after a bath from a soft water pool, then the feeling of getting squeaky clean is so satisfying.  It reduces hailfall and helps the skin remain smooth and soft.  

In our FRP storage tanks for swimming pool, softening of water is carried through a process of ion exchange method.  The raw water is made soft and the final output provides a long shelf life to your pool.

Frequently asked questions

1.How long does your FRP swimming pool last?

Our product has a long shelf life. It can be estimated that our pool lasts for more than 20 years. This is because our pool has low maintenance cost, doesn’t get damaged during installation and made up of top-quality materials.

2.Why is your product better than others?

In case of Vinyl pools the liners needs to be changed frequently. Similarly, in case of concrete pools it needs to be acid washed every year. Both these pools have shown indication of algae formation. With our product there is no such problems.

3.Why does your storage tanks produce soft water?

Our customers are our priority, we don’t want your skin to get damaged on a product that you invested. Our storage tanks use ion exchange method top keep the water soft and suitable for your skin.

4.Does your product break in cold weather?

The answer is a resounding no.  Our pools are made up of reinforced plastic, hence it acts as a dielectric substance.  As a result, our pools handle expansion and contractions in cold or hot weather, without breaking a sweat.

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