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Envigaurd is a company that always has the best professionals to provide its customers impeccable service. Our company is known to produce premium quality products since our talented powerhouse experts work 24/7 in manufacturing GI ducts that essence high quality. 

Most of our GI ducts are used in manufacturing plants where there is very little usage of ventilation and windows.  Our GI ducts make the temperature optimal in such scenarios.

Some of the best features of GI ducts

  • The GI products manufactured by us are very lightweight
  • They have a premium finishing
  • Very durable and have a long shelf life
  • In case of corrosion, they are known to provide good resistance
  • The GI products manufactured with us always have high tensile strength, since they are engineered with attention
  • All the products manufactured are built for industrial standards while maintaining safety norms
  • We make our GI ducts available at a very reasonable price.

Types of GI ducts we deal with

Our company manufactures GI ducts in two forms called GI round duct and GI spiral duct. When we take the job of applying GI duct to your industry we always make sure that we investigate all parameters of your business in full detail.   If we don’t follow this, you may face friction loss and powered inflation which may be disastrous in the long term.

The industries that take our repeated service

  • Metal and plaiting industry
  • Laboratories
  • Food chain
  • Cement and wastewater plants
  • Marine exhaust system

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a GI DUCT?

GI stands for galvanized iron, so when galvanized iron is made in the shape of the duct the main purpose is to remove hot air from the room and deliver cool air inside, thus it can be called a GI duct. Now GI ducts are not only used for HVAC, but it is also used eliminate the need of painting and rusting.

2. Why should industries look forward to GI DUCT?

Industries should look forward to GI ducts due to toughness, reduction of material cost, less maintenance cost, and extended protection. To be honest galvanized iron doesn’t get affected with the market stocks, so the material cost always remains the same.

Coming to maintenance, you hardly need one since it’s made of galvanized iron which is known for its strength and has a rigid form. Extended protection comes in the form of cathode protection. This indicates that the damaged areas of the ducts are recovered easily since the coating is provided. Furthermore, these ducts can be tested and tried whenever required.

3. How can we know that our present duct is not stable for our industry?

Well, you need to be a little careful and notice few changes which will be a clear indication that you need GI ducts.  The sudden changes will come in the form of greater electricity bills, very uncomfortable cooling in summer and heating in winter, and rooms will be filled with dust.

5.Hard duct or flexible which one is preferable?

If you have an establishment that stays in one place permanently and doesn’t move, a hard duct is preferable, other than that if you have an establishment that moves from place to place, the flexibility duct would be the right fit.

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