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What is ventilation?

One of the definitions of HVAC ventilation according to the engineers known as (ASHRAE), the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers, reveals that the HVAC system should be capable of heating, cooling, cleaning, ventilating, and humidifying the air quality for the provision of health comfort. 

We all know that air conditioning systems and other heating systems are the essential components for delivering comfort in our workspaces. In addition, the ventilation helps in improving the air quality and gives us comfort. It is that component which is required for the purpose is such as good quality maintenance and HVAC comfort.

Why is Ventilation included in our system?

If there is no provision of ventilation, you will sooner start experiencing discomfort issues and it may also lead to health problems. The issues related to health can range from uneasiness during sleeping where there is no space for the circulation of air and light to serious illness problems such as Sick Building Syndrome.

 Many experts have recommended that the increase of facilities associated with ventilation can help in deleting the harmful particles which are viruses and bacteria. It is also one of the crosses that can help in deleting the effects of coronavirus. 

You can definitely access the information regarding covid mitigation for finding more solutions for healthy spaces. 

The “V” in HVAC stands for ventilation that is associated with the other components such as heating and cooling. Let us understand ventilation in our better way. 

Ventilation is one of the components that helps in adding the proper quantity of fresh air windows from outside at all places including the work spaces and commercial spaces.

What is mechanical ventilation?

For the delivery of the comfort of breathing in your living space, there is a better alternative available that ensures proper ventilation giving the HVAC comfort. 

This type of ventilation is also called mechanical ventilation and is considered essential for all commercial spaces including residential housing with regard to increasing the efficiency of air. The proper breathing spaces and corners are provided with the aid of mechanical ventilation ducts for the circulation of healthy and quality air. 

In this case, we use such pieces of equipment for the control of the air that governs the movement and circulation within the spaces where we reside. It decides the path of the air of when, where and how much of the quantity of the outside air should enter into your living and working spaces. 

The benefits of ventilation ducts for maintaining HVAC comfort with air quality
Lets discuss some of the benefits associated with the ventilation through the ventilation ducts.
  • The mechanical ventilation benefits from the prospect of Energy Efficiency and also provides good control over the quality amount of outside air entering inside.
  • It starts working when a large amount of outside air starts entering the living spaces. It can lead to the decline of the normal functioning of the HVAC comfort. For balancing the issue of air quality and the amount of fresh air, the ventilation ducts are provided in order to control the amount of fresh air and maintain the air balance with the help of efficient design of ventilation ducts.

  • It helps in expelling the outdoor air with irritating order and moisture.
  • It also helps in controlling the source of fresh air and the ventilation ducts ensures that the building is not exhausted from the fresh indoor air.
How to choose the right ventilation type with the appropriate ventilation ducts?

There are many kinds of mechanical ventilation systems associated with HVAC systems. Whereas, some work in isolation with each other. While selecting the type of ventilation duct system, you should have a good idea about the amount of space and the kind of usage space has.

Since there are few ventilation systems that work differently in the cold and hot and humid climates apart from some systems that have different designs for working in case of mixed climates. Therefore, we should have a clear-cut idea about the climate and amount of space.

If you fail to choose the right system of ventilation it can lead to the building up of the excess quantity of moisture and that can destroy the healthy atmosphere leading to the growth of mold. 

The criteria for selecting the design of the ventilation ducts
  • Steps taken before the design of the duct:

You need to perform the heating and cooling load calculation with the use of the protocol such as ASHRAE Handbook, etc. You can also take the help of the protocol called ACCA’s Manual S protocol, for the selection of the right equipment.

  • Weight of the Air

We all know that air has weight and if the weight of air is around 0.1 pound, then it is going to hold the space of 1 cubic foot block. So, you have to keep in mind the nominal airflow. It should be around 1,000 cfm in case you have an air conditioner of about 2.5 ton. We can conclude that we need to care about the weight of the air for pushing it aside and taking the pressure inside.

  • The Physics indulged in the airflow

The first factor that you need to care about is friction for the direction of airflow in the ducts. The second is the turbulence that arises when there is a movement of air through the ducts and fittings. You can change the direction of air with fittings in the case of rigid duct but it is difficult in case of flexible duct.

Frequently asked questions

How to get rid of air molds from the Ventilation ducts?

Ans- 1. Try to clean the supply vents and return vents regularly.

         2. Have a regular check over any leakage in the walls.

How to improve flow of air in the working spaces?

Ans- 1. Have a check over the blockages of the ventilation ducts on regular                        spaces

         2. regularly monitor the condition of the ducts, filters and refrigerant levels.

What are the benefits of our ventilation ducts and products?

 Ans- 1. Energy Efficiency and have good control over the quality amount of                       outside air entering inside. 

          2. Control the amount of fresh air and maintain the air balance with the                    help of efficient design of ventilation ducts. 

          3. Expel the outdoor air with irritating odour and moisture. 

          4. Controlling the sources of fresh air.

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