GI hood manufacturer

In order to remove smoke and the cooking exhaust out from the kitchen of commercial and residential areas and bring in freshly breathable inside the cookhouse, a GI kitchen hood is used. 

 As a GI hood manufacturer, it’s our responsibility that we provide you with a GI hood that takes care of health concerns. This means GI hood products manufactured by us make sure that you do not feel, dizziness, nausea, skin irritation, and chest pain which are very common if you use the hood products of other manufacturers, who claim to be best but disappoint you based on performance.

75 % of the people are prone to health problems since they do not know how to choose a GI hood for their kitchen.  They continue to cook in gas stove without a hood which ultimately leads to the production of toxins like nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide  along with smoke and grease.

How to choose a GI hood

Most of our experienced professionals at Envigaurd will recommend that you would need a GI hood of six inches if you are planning for an indoor kitchen. On the contrary, if you are planning for an outdoor kitchen we recommend a size of 12 or more.

Some of the exquisite advantages of using our GI hood products

  • Comfortable cooking experience:

Cooking produces a lot of heat which in turn makes the air quality inside the kitchen uncomfortable. When our GI hood products are installed in the kitchen of your restaurant , factories, and offices , the gases and the heat that bother you will be eliminated and you will get a comfortable cooking experience.

  • Odorless cooking:

When somebody is cooking a great meal, you are very fond of the smell. The same smell bothers you when the dinner is over and you still get the same smell around you. our GI hood products make sure, that it removes the pestering smell keep the atmosphere inside your office or business fresh and clean.

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