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When industry owners decide to control the flow of air in a low environment an industry SS damper is used. So In layman’s terms, our SS damper is used for controlling air pollution and take of industrial ventilation.

Understanding industrial damper

In this section, we will take you on a journey to know industrial dampers and why they are a must-have in your industry.  Knowing the information would let you know whether our SS damper is a perfect fit for your industrial needs

SS dampers come under the category of industrial dampers since; they help clean air and protect you from corrosive gases. Industry dampers are segregated into four types. This will help you choose the best damper according to your specifications.

  • Inlet vane damper

They work best when the fan is in shutdown mode and volume control is the need of the hour. They come in two shapes one is known as the cantilever design and the other is known as hub design.  These designs can be mixed and engineered according to your requirement.

  • Guillotine damper

Best works during maintenance or inspection since it helps in creating flow isolation.  This is one of the industry favorites because it can be used to create complete isolation with one shut-off.

  • Louver Damper

If you are an industry owner who is looking for a fast operating cycle, zero leakage, and quick response then Louver damper is your choice.  Doesn’t matter if the working condition is demanding, this damper is known for complete shutdown during those conditions.

  • Butterfly Damper

Suffering from low leakage problems in your industry? Then butterfly destination is your daily driver. The segregation has two types known as single blade and multiblade. In addition, the cost of installation is relatively low than other dampers.

Frequently asked questions

Why are damper used in industries?

Well, let us come with a very simple answer. Industrial construction is a massive unit, where there are several rooms. So industries need a product where air conditioning can be cut off when there is no person present in the room. This is when a damper is used. Other uses come as good quality air, eliminating pathogen creating air pollutants, and so on.

How are dampers used in summer and winter?

During the summer the damper is kept open and during winter the damper is kept close.

Can a damper be located in a fireplace?

The answer is a resounding yes. Some dampers can be used near fireplaces like chimneys. These are known as fireplace dampers.

Is airflow effect when there may things in an industrial room?

The answer is a resounding yes. When there is more clutter then airflow takes time to cool the room, since Louver damper is present, such issues can be handled with ease.

is your damper price expensive?

We would call it affordable and budget-friendly. Please get connected to us right away.

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