GI blower Manufacturer

As a leading GI blower manufacturer, Enviguard believes that you should know the service we provide as a GI manufacturer so that you are comfortable in taking our assistance without any hesitation.  

The GI blower manufactured by our company is designed to take away gas present in any industrial unit.  Our blower is known to increase the pressure in the gas stream so that there is no issue of air pollution.

Most of our clients reach us for repeated service since we manufacture premium quality products. Our entire GI blower range has a special protection of galvanized iron so that you have a piece of mind regarding the quality involved. In addition, we have a dedicated team that checks the production of the blower in different production stages to make sure that our blower is the right fit for your industry.

Some of the best features of our product
  • The GI blower comes with speed control and voltage reduction
  • Our blower has been designed in such a way that it provides support for smoke filtration and
  • High shelf life and high performance
  • Filters hazardous substances with ease
  • Very less operational noise
  • Consists of multiple fume filtration stages
Types of blower we manufacture

There are several types of blowers that we manufacture and distribute. Knowing each one in detail will provide you an overview of which blower is the right fit for your industry. This will eliminate time wastage that you perform while searching for the perfect blower for your industry as we will provide information in complete detail.

  • Leaf blower:

The GI leaf blower that is manufactured by Enviguard has five rounds of noise testing. This is done that so that you have minimum noise produced during operation.  Our leaf blower is manufactured in such a way that the blowers can reach maximum efficiency while maintaining a reasonable leaf angle.

  • Leaf Vacuum blower:

This product has been loved by our industrial clients over the years.  Reason being that the leaf Vacuum blower can be used in large workshops, livestock rooms, and greenhouse. This clearly indicates that our product is multifunctional.

  • Electric leaf blower:

This product is also known as an electric blower.  The main highlight of this electric leaf blower comes in the form of a power supply and the speed at which it operates. A normal electric blower talks a high of power and operates and a normal speed. In our case, the power consumption is less and operates at an accelerated speed.

  • Gas leaf blower:

If you need a gas leaf blower that screams powerful impact and high performance, then this gas blower will serve you as a perfect fit.  Our product has a long engine life that is coupled with premium air filtration.

  • Petrol leaf blower:

Compact and lightweight are the two distinguishing features of this product. The fuel consumption of the petrol leaf blower is really well optimized so that you can use this blower for a very long time.

Frequently asked questions

1. Does the GI blower provide good efficiency?

The answer is a resounding yes since our GI blower is designed in such a way that it takes very little power but provides maximum output.

2. Can GI blower be used in small industries or it’s restricted to big industries?

Our GI products ranges are made both more small and big business.

3. How do you obtain maximum quality standers?

There is a dedicated team that surprises in each step of the manufacturing process. So be assured that we use the most premium components with the regulation of safety norms and industrial standards to provide you the best product.

4. Is the GI blower easy to install and use?

The answer is yes, our products can be installed within a very short time frame and the working of products has an easy learning curve.

5. Why do industries need to cobber to GI blowers?

Well because GI blowers provide exceptional blowing capacity which is coupled with high performance and durability.

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