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FRP toilet cabin is not an optional luxury but a necessity. FRP toilet cabin is a portable device that can be used in filming locations, outdoor parties and areas of construction. The toilet is known to produce no chemicals and pathogens.

When you use our FRP toilet cabin, you would see that our restroom uses oxidation and hydrolysis methods to turn the waste into compost. Our portable FRP toilet cabin is made up of reinforced plastic which is known to resist themselves from harsh temperatures. FRP portable toilet cabin made by us ensure comfortability and convenience to our customers.

Nobody wants guests to use their personal toilets, this is where FRP portable toilet cabin come into the picture. Takes only a matter of minutes to install a restroom at the back of your house. There are several benefits of using a portable restroom. Some of the major ones will be listed as follows:

  • Very easy installation:

You might have noticed that when you go to the beach or an outdoor party there is always a portable washroom available.  This is because FRP portable toilet cabin has an easy setup process.  Your guests don’t have to search your house for a restroom instead they could use the toilet that is made available.

  • Very easy learning curve:

You don’t need a manual to learn the usage of FRP portable toilet cabin, since it has an easy learning curve. This is a kind of restroom that serves as a blessing for handicap people since our FRP product comes with ramps and railings. Also, we come with flushable toilets and portable sinks, so the ease of using this commode is unmatched.

  • Very affordable:

FRP portable toilet cabin comes with a limited period of time. So, you don’t have to install a permanent outdoor toilet. Instead, call us and let us make them available for you. They require no permits to be used or installed. The cost of hiring these restrooms is super affordable.

  • Water saving:

Our portable FRP toilet cabin, knows the value of water. So, we don’t waste water, instead we use special chemicals to reduce the smell coming out of the toilet. Our new technology has let us flush the contents of waste with a minimum of the water.

  • Accessibility:

All you need is a flat surface to use our restroom. So, our product can be placed anywhere you want it to be. The toilets are lightweight, so they can be moved from one place to another with ease. So, make sure that you use of FRP toilet cabin for a temporary and effective solution.

Places where our FRP toilet cabin is used?

There are a number of places where our restrooms are used. The following are the digital information will notify you about the same:

  • Areas of construction
  • Stadiums and golf courses
  • Outdoor party and events
  • Park and wedding venues
Why buy from us?

The real question is why should you even think of going to someone else, when you can experience the best with Enviguard. Our products are made of the highest quality and the service provided by us is impeccable. if you want to experience the best, there is no option other better than Envigaurd.

Why do customers come to us for repeated service?

We firmly believe that your hard earned funds should be invested in a product that would give long term maintenance with a blend of features, price and ease of usage. Envigurad products provide just that Companies who don’t treat you as family leave you the moment, they have sold you the product. They promise to keep in touch and you never hear from them.

What follows is a series of disappointment and you begin to lose trust in a brand. As stated above, we treat customers as family, so with us, you will never face such hassles.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the price for your movable toilet?
The pricing depends on the size and type. In order to get more details, get   connected to us.
2. What are materials of construction used in your bathroom?
Fiber-reinforced plastic is a material that is used in our bathroom. 
3. What kind of layout is suitable?

This decision is completely up to you. If you are inviting over 50 people, then a restroom with 7 rooms is enough. If you are only inviting not more than 10 people, then a commode with 3 rooms will suffice.

4. How does your toilet work?
Our toilets work in two different ways.  One is choosing the method of clean water and the other is known as a wastage tank. In clean water treatment, the toilet will immediately be flushed with minimal usage. 
In waste treatment, the toilet will have a storage tank placed underneath the toilet seat.  All the waste will be collected in that storage tank and then will be transferred to the wastewater treatment plant.
5.How do you maintain the hygiene of the toilet?
Our FRP toilet cabin is cleaned on the basis of certain chemicals.  To be precise use muriatic acid, so the odor in the toilet is not smelly and remains fresh every time a guest enters the room.

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