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Polypropylene storage cabinets are high-grade, reinforced polypropylene plastic-based chemical storage cabinets that are sturdily made to store the harshest of chemicals in a laboratory environment. These make sure that all corrosive substances are properly isolated from any external interaction when not in use. It is an essential component for any laboratory and proper care and due diligence must be taken before making any purchase decision. 

Envigaurd provides chemical storage cabinets for petrochemical, metal refining, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing labs which often deal with toxic, flammable, and harsh substances. The cabinet is made from anti-wear and toxin-resistant materials which makes sure no contamination is done in case of any chemical spills. The features of these are consistent throughout product models which only often differ in their size and capacity.

The following features of Envigaurd laboratory chemical storage cabinets can help you in making informed decisions regarding your purchase:
  • They are long-lasting due to the high-quality manufacturing techniques and materials used.
  • The cabinets are air-tight which quarantines any accidental leakage within its walls thus eliminating any leakage to the environment.
  • Envigaurd provides custom-made cabinets too for any specific lab depending on orders. Storage cabinets with doors with custom locking mechanism are tailored-made cabinets for our customers will have all the details from start to finish of the product line.
  • Our chemical storage tanks are easy to install and transport. All sorts of repair work are provided by us but if necessary can also be done by the lab personnel as it’s often a simple task with our products.

At Envigaurd, we have a different approach to different customers as the cabinet requirement for one lab may be different from others. This approach enables us to care for each customer individually, providing tailored-made experiences to everyone. Our solutions are cost-effective and provide excellent build quality which significantly extends product life. You need not worry about corrosion, chemical, flame, UV, or temperate, as all design and manufacturing work is done under expert guidance.

Frequently asked questions

Are PP storage cabinets flammable?

Polypropylene cabinets are made from polypropylene plastic and meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards making them fire-resistant and not a hazard.

Is there any history of spillage or leaks with these products?

We take the utmost care during the design and manufacturing phase of the product with rigorous quality testing at each threshold. The installation is also done by us during which we check further for any possible defects. This makes no room for any possible leaks in the future.

How user-friendly is a PP storage cabinet?

Polypropylene plastic is a sturdy material that is safe from any fire or occupational hazard. This also makes it lightweight, hence anyone can move it around without any help.

Are further information and queries resolved after product delivery?

Our goal at Envigaurd is to provide the best possible experience to our customers. Even after the installation, we keep in touch with our customers to keep ourselves updated with the performance of the product and resolve any issues which may hamper the task to be completed.

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