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With the use of lightweight material, our PP-FRP Scrubbers are corrosion and temperature resistant. Further, our material possesses the right amount of sturdiness with zero extensive maintenance. 

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With impeccable quality factor and taste for uniqueness, we have designed the FRP Scrubbers to ensure reinforced mechanical strength that doesn’t harm our environment.

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What is Scrubber

Scrubber systems, also known as gas scrubbers or chemical scrubbers, function as a highly diversified group of control devices for air pollution regulation. These scrubbers can be used for the removal of particulate matter or gases from industrial exhausts. 

The very first air scrubber system was designed in order to remove the carbon dioxide content in the air present in the early submarines. Scrubbers also come with system devices that tend to inject a slurry or dry reagent into the dirty exhaust in order to efficiently wash out the acid gases. 

With high-quality scrubbers by Envigaurd, you can control gaseous emissions with acidic content. Not just that, these systems can also help with heat recovery that comes from hot gases due to flue-gas condensation. These systems are also incorporated within high-flow PV, solar, and LED processes.

Types of Scrubber

As compared to different variants of pollution control tools, scrubbers tend to be multi-disciplinary in nature with the potential to remove mists, solids, as well as gases while ensuring proper cooling of the system. They can also handle flammable and explosive gases in a safe way. However, scrubbers can suffer from extensive corrosion issues & produce a slurry stream of wastes that could be inconvenient in terms of disposal and recycling. 

There are three types of industrial scrubbers that are available with Envigaurd. 

  • Wet Scrubbers:

The wet scrubbers are among the most popular and basic scrubber types used for large and small-scale industries. This particular scrubber encapsulates composite or metal containers. The contaminated gas then passes through water & absorbs any contaminants present within. 

Industry owners can also make use of other liquids to ensure effective removal of varied contaminates. The liquids tend to differ in terms of chemical composition as well as overall charge. They can either be highly negative or positively charged to being non-charged. This is because pollutants tend to differ in terms of charge. 

Envigaurd scrubbers are packed in with liquids that bind with the contaminants in the most effective way to remove the pollutants from the gas. This is why the gas that exits the scrubber is clean. Years of development in wet scrubber manufacturing have allowed better and efficient pollutants removal.  

  • Dry Scrubbers:

Unlike the wet scrubbers, these scrubbers don’t actually utilize any form of liquid for the absorption of contaminants. Given this difference, no steam is produced during the reaction & there is no need for any wastewater system. 

The dry industrial scrubbers are composed of reaction centers where the dry reaction or sorbent material absorbs the contaminants that are mixed along with the polluted gaseous population. Additionally, within this system, there is a material section that helps in the proper removal of any reaction product that bounds to the dry sorbent with ease. 

The dry scrubbers primarily aid in the removal of acids present within the gasses. The sorbent is primarily needed for the removal of the acidic content and is generally made from an alkaline variant of slurry. This slurry is generally basic in nature & eventually neutralizes any kind of acid that is found within the gas. 

There are 2 different variants of dry scrubbers that include dry sorbent injection and spray dryer absorbent. In the first process, the gas remnant is mixed with an alkaline sorbent. However, in the 2 nd process, the contaminated gaseous content is processed via a mist produced of sorbent. It helps ensure a good mix of the slurry and helps with efficient pollutant removal from the gaseous population.

  • Electrostatic Precipitators:

This scrubber is way different from the previous two scrubbers. The electrostatic precipitators work in a manner that uses charged energy in order to aid the removal of dust & other contaminants from the gas. In this pollutant removal process, it is critical that you match the type and polarity of charge to be bonded with & remove all the pollutants present in the gas. 

A good example of the electrostatic precipitator could be the plate precipitator. Its plate is created from a metal sheet that is eventually charged with a specific variant of charge. Now, these plates run parallel in accordance with its piping to ensure that the gases can pass through the plates while removing the contaminate or dust. 

You can also find wet electrostatic precipitators with Envigaurd to help remove the high and moisture-laden gases. Certain chemicals that are easily removable with this process are sulfuric acid and similar sorts. The final slurry that we get contains bound pollutant that is directed away from your electrostatic precipitator for removal of the contaminants while maintaining an effectively charged surface to ensure pollutant removal. 

Application of Scrubber

Gas scrubbers are mostly applied wherever corrosive, hazardous, or bad-smelling constituents in air or gas exhaust streams are to be cleared or neutralized. Where necessary, they’re also used for clearing dust particles from these exhaust streams.

Exhaust Gas Scrubbing

Exhaust Gas Scrubbing can be necessary while using solvents, with burning processes, while using hazardous gases or glues.

Take a look at our solution for Propylene Oxide (PO) & Ethylene Oxide (EO), 2 gases with a generally applicable scope in several industrial processing. Their chemical structure needs technical expertise & unusual design & construction.

BETE also produced an emergency Ammonia scrubber. The corrosive gas ammonia is used for cooling applications, & found in the production of manures.

Industrial Odor Control

A few components are not or only marginally hazardous, yet have a very robust smell. Due to their often very low smell threshold, higher scrubber efficiency is needed for their elimination.

Gas scrubbers offer a popular resolve for industrial odour control due to their flexibility. Where required, more scrubber phases can be offered, so that equates to more than 99.9% of the nasty smelling components being eliminated.

Multiple scrubber phases are often utilized where H2S elimination has to be performed.

Specialty Gases Cylinder Filling Stations

Many speciality gases are traded & shipped in cylinders. Emptying & vacuuming these gas cylinders in the filling stations of gas cylinders is a vital task, given that no gas residues might stay behind. BETE manufactured a multi-purpose scrubber for this purpose, provided with various security systems.

We have expertise in:

  • Ammonia
  • Biogas purification, Biogas desulphurization
  • Boron Trifluoride, Boron Trichloride
  • Chlorine
  • Ethylene Oxide
  • Diborane, Dimethylamine
  • Hydrogen Chloride (HCL), Hydrogen Bromide (HBr), Hydrogen Fluoride (HF), Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), Hydrogen Selenide (H2Se), Hydrogen Iodide (HI)
  • NOx
  • Methyl Bromide
  • Phosgene
  • Methyl Mercaptan, Monomethylamine
  • Propylene Oxide
  • Silicon Tetrafluoride, Silicon tetrachloride
  • Trimethylamine, Trichlorosilane
  • We also have expertise in Aldehydes & Phenols
What is an Open-Loop Scrubber System

Open-loop scrubber systems make use of seawater in order to bring down the sulfur concentration present in the gases coming out of the exhaust system, which is equivalent to 0, 1%. In this process, water is ultimately discharged, which complies with the regulations set under IMO 2020. 

These systems primarily come into action in operations that are conducted in the open sea area. 

Working Principle of Open Loop Scrubber

  • Exhaust gasses start entering through the bottom end of the scrubber tower
  • Next, the seawater is put through from the top section of the scrubber system via spraying nozzles
  • This result in an equally integrated spray pattern in the entire scrubber
  • The sulfur particles present in the remnant gas gets attached with the tiny water droplets but only under a set temperature which leads to process conditioning
  • Clean exhaust gas starts to leave from the top end of the tower, and seawater is discharged from the bottom
  • Very low OPEX or CAPEX
  • It tends to be small in terms of volume, slightly larger as compared to silencers
  • Low weighted scrubber
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Long lifespan
  • Provides high customization level
  • Makes use of naturally alkaline seawater
  • No need for reagent or freshwater
  • Suitable design for U-type or Inline systems
  • Works in high or moderate alkalinity
  • A large amount of the wash water is sent back to the sea without proper treatment
  • Adverse effect on marine organisms
  • Wash water contains soot particles, aromatic hydrocarbons, and heavy metals
What is a Closed-Loop Scrubber System

A closed-loop scrubber system makes use of seawater in order to wash off the sulfur present in the dissipating gas, which is equivalent to 0,1%. This is done in compliance with the IMO regulations. The seawater being used for the process is re-circulated continuously. 

The close systems are used primarily for the vessels that tend to operate in areas such as ports or are sailing in places with prohibition for overboard discharge. 

Working Principle of Closed-Loop Scrubber
  • Exhaust gasses come through the bottom section of the industrial scrubber tower
  • Next, seawater is inserted through the top section of the tower via spraying nozzles
  • This ensures patterned division of seawater all over the scrubber system
  • Sulfur particles present in the gas combine with the droplets of water but under a set temperature
  • Next, the process water enters the tower’s circulation tank
  • Then, NaOH is poured into the tower’s process water for neutralizing acidity
  • Clean process water is then pumped upwards towards the top
  • The polluted remnant water is then drained & passed through the separator
  • Oil and solids are separated from the contaminated water, hence forming sludge
  • This sludge is then pumped into the storage tank of the ship
  • Improved efficiency for SOx removal
  • Alkali dosing helps monitor the pH and cleaning efficiency of scrubbing water
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Works with both Inline and U-type scrubbers
  • Works with low alkaline water
  • Freshwater compensation might be required for any periodical rinsing
  • Reagent addition might be required
What is a Hybrid-Loop Scrubber System

As suggested by the name, the hybrid loop systems tend to mix up the features of both closed and open-loop scrubber systems. In this case, the obtained process water can directly be discharged to the sea or re-circulated for maximum efficiency. The switch from open to a closed mode or vice-versa is done via remote-controlled valves. 

These systems are used primarily for the vessels that tend to operate mostly at the open sea. However, they can also function just as well in ports or sailing locations with overboard discharge prohibition. 

Working Principle of Hybrid-Loop Scrubber System

For hybrid-loop scrubber systems, the methodology is either in conjunction with the open system or closed system, depending on the requirement. 

  • Remote-controlled equipment for ease of work
  • It runs perfectly over any zero-discharge area
  • No need to worry about compliance
  • Fuel with high sulfur can be used
  • Optimized engine for single type fuel
  • Tend to be pricier than closed or open-loop scrubbers
  • Shares the corresponding disadvantages of open and closed-loop scrubber systems

Scrubber Working Principle

A scrubber is an installation for cleaning whose primary purpose is to neutralize hazardous components in waste gas streams or industrial air. The extraction of gas particles causing a lot of problems from the gas stream throughout the process is required before eliminating the gases in the open air.

At times, the use of a gas scrubber might allow recovering particular raw materials following the treatment. A huge advantage is the adaptability of a gas scrubber in distinct areas. It involves the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry, & surface treatment.

The scrubber installation works by bringing a gas stream in touch with a washing fluid. Because of this contact, specific gaseous constituents dissolve & stay in the water.

There’s a transfer of the constituents from the gas stage to the liquid stage. This is the process of absorption. The solubility of the components in the liquid will decide to what degree the gaseous elements dissolve into the liquid stage.

Thus, it’s of great relevance to work with the right fluid being as the agent of absorption. Also, alongside the water, several inorganic or organic washing fluids can also be utilized for this purpose.

In these events, specific micro-organisms or chemicals are added to the washing fluid in order to neutralize or convert the dissolved gases.

Further strict actions are taken with regard to permitted air pollution. Corporations are being fostered to take the required actions about it. Gas scrubbers are vital in industries where workers face exposure to likely contaminated gases.

Whenever we optimally use a gas scrubber, we might achieve a considerably high removal efficiency of the hazardous gas particles. For that reason, the fumes discharged into the outside air are no longer harmful to the environment.

Top Industries that Use the Scrubber

With the rise in the world’s environmental pollution level, there is a growing need for minimizing the GHG or VoC emissions that come from the factories. This has led to rising demand for the scrubber system. Further, this has steered substantial growth in the scrubber system sector for the upcoming years. Apart from this, scrubber systems provide protection for the exhaust streams present in factories and vessels against particular variants of gases or particles. 

They also help minimize the air pollution proportion & hence drive the existing market trends. Strict legislations have been put in place by the local and national government to combat air pollution to help with the proper expansion of the scrubber system sector. These systems are being used on a wide scale in large industrial and manufacturing sectors such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Petroleum
  • Petrochemicals
  • Healthcare
  • Airspace & Aviation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Shipping
  • Hospitality
  • Pulp and Vertical
  • Metallurgy
  • Sea-borne trade
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Maritime transportation
  • Higher Education

These systems help cut down the overall labour charges while reducing the time required for consumption of the final product. 

Envigaurd Scrubber Product Features

You might be wondering what sets a wet scrubber system apart from a dry scrubber. Right? Well, PP FRP Wet Scrubber is the most preferred product due to its ability to remove 99% or more airborne particulate from the exhaust streams. If you’re looking to get the top-rated wet scrubber system, Enviguard is your one-stop solution. We come under some of the leading PP FRP scrubber manufacturers in the country as well as globally.  

Our major concern is to manufacture using the highest quality materials so that it renders only top-notch services. All the soluble gasses like Br2, NoX, NH3, HCl, Cl2 and other similar gases released from the stream. Fabricated using sturdy and top-notch materials, our PP FRP Wet Scrubbercan withstand the harsh environment of the surrounding and still deliver a desirable outcome. Also, being quite light-weighted, it can be installed easily without you having to bear heavy costs. We unarguably impart our clients with the highest quality products and an amazing experience.  

Here are some of the key features of our professionally design PP FRP Scrubber system:

  • Impressive properties of thermal expansion
  • Works with efficiency and remains stable under UV radiations
  • Possesses ample sturdiness, which eliminates the need for maintenance
  • Cheaper than steel yet ten times tougher than steel
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Highly resistant against corrosion and temperature

As we all know the fastening industrial advancement is the major factor for air pollution. It’s high time to take appropriate measures before releasing such toxic exhaust streams into the atmosphere. And one way to regulate it is by using PP FRP Dry Scrubber. At Enviguard, we manufacture PP FRP dry scrubber to meet the requirements of our clients effectively. It works by spraying several dry reagents into the stream of toxic gases. It either neutralizes the pollutants or alters their structure leaving them harmless. 

Since they use dry substances to get the job done, it eliminates the need for disposing of wet waste materials from time to time. As compared to wet PP FRP Scrubber, dry scrubbers accumulate acidic gases at a higher efficiency. Also, it comes with a filter to filter out all the particulates. Handling very hot gas streams also becomes quite easy. Thanks to the dry scrubbers. Apart from that, it also doesn’t consume a wide area in your facility as it can fit into any corner with the utmost ease. 

Here are certain key features of our ergonomically designed PP FRP Dry Scrubber:

  • Maintenance costs are next to nothing
  • No wet sludge to remove
  • The lightweight construction of the scrubber allows easy installation
  • Shows ample resistance against corrosion and high temperature
  • Exhibits properties of thermal expansion
  • Customized approach while designing a dry scrubber for your facility

The most obvious effect of releasing acid gases into the environment is acid rain. Not only does it harm our precious and historical structures, but also pose a huge threat against aquatic life. The ever increasing rate of acid gases in the atmosphere also leads to some kind of illness and conditions in humans. In the worst-case scenario, it might end up causing death. So, how should one control it? The best way is to install acid fume scrubber in industries. 

The acid gas scrubbing works by putting an end to the discharge of toxic and aggressive gases into the atmosphere. Acidic fumes are absorbed by the scrubbing liquid and sent back to the circuit. At Enviguard, we design fume scrubbers and supply them to industries all across the world to scrub off toxic gases like HNO3, HCl, CL2, SO4, and so on. We take a customized approach so that the unique needs of an industry can be met without failure. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity and buy from us right away!

Mentioned below are some of the key features of our specifically designed PP FRP acid scrubber:

  • Delivers a hygienic environment for the workers
  • Accumulated fumes are condensed and then recycled
  • Decreases the cost of waste disposal
  • Comes with ample sturdiness
  • Prevents roof structure and crane corrosion
  • Increased safety allows workers to work with relief
  • This leads to higher productivity

Chlorine is the common by-product of several chemical reactions in industries. However, legally, manufacturers are expected to keep a check on the release of such poisonous gas. Turns out, Enviguard manufactures the best quality chlorine scrubber system to limit or eliminate the release of such gas into the atmosphere. Since chlorine is a highly toxic substance, it takes a multi-stage approach to cleanse the system. 

Our professionals and experts are determined to construct a chlorine gas scrubbing system to cater to your industrial requirements for a longer period. Regardless of how different of a challenge you’re facing, our experts can customize an amazing chlorine scrubber system to deliver a favourable outcome. The system works by detecting the level of the chlorine gas and automatically starts acting on it to remove it from the air. It quickly neutralizes the air and keeps the toxic gas away in safety. Either it absorbs or dissolves it in a scrubbing liquid. 

Mentioned below are some of the key features of our professionally-designed chlorine safety scrubbing systems: 

  • High mechanical strength
  • Robust construction
  • Comes with the necessary equipment
  • Scrubbing efficiency
  • Stores toxic gases in safety, away from workers

Did you know the venturi system has been in existence for more than a century? Yes, but unfortunately, very few people are aware of how amazingly it works and removes contaminated particles from the exhaust stream. At Enviguard, we manufacture venturi wet scrubber systems that efficiently collects fine particles by using the velocity of flowing water. Based on the client’s requirements, we offer both single-staged, as well as multi-staged venturi scrubber. 

As compared to other methods of cleaning, the venturi method is way more effective as it employs a multi-stage system that completely removes fine particles. This includes eliminating nuisance and hazardous fumes, mists, and specks of dust from the stack gases. The venturi gas scrubber system allows the industry to convert such gases into fuels or to process raw materials. If you’re planning to install a venturi scrubber system, you should head straight to Enviguard. We also allow customization, which guarantees customer satisfaction. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the top-notch products and services available at our site right away!

Here are some of the advantages of buying from us.

  • Resistant against abrasion
  • Cleans the exhaust stream efficiently without letting any toxic substances pass-through
  • Quite sturdy
  • Adjustable damper spin and throat damper
  • Minimal water consumption is ensured by the integral sump
  • FRP Wet Scrubber

Possessing years of experience and expertise in this industry, we at Enviguard manufacture premium quality FRP Scrubber and supply them across the world. Our FRP wet scrubbers safely remove toxic or harmful gases from the exhaust stream successfully. Our super-skilled professionals strictly supervise while manufacturing is going on. The FRP wet scrubber is used mainly to absorb gas or scrub off the exhaust stream. Being non-corrosive, it stands up to all chemicals and toxic gases without breaking a sweat. 

Fabricated using ductile materials and FRP, our FRP wet scrubber offers supreme mechanical strength. Also, it eliminates all the contaminants effectively and deeply. The best part is, we allow our clients to customize the scrubber according to their needs. Starting from speed, voltage, and dimension, to accuracy, technical specifications, and airflow, everything can be customized. Our FRP scrubber is equipped with chemical resistance, longer shelf life, impressive mechanical strength, and weather resistance. 

Here are some of the perks of buying from one of the leading FRP Wet Scrubber Manufacturer in the industry.

  • Exhibits reasonable properties of thermal expansion
  • Can hold out UV radiations
  • Corrosion resistance prevents cladding
  • Not harmful to the environment
  • Sturdier than the steel ones
  • Easy installation leads to a very low installation cost
  • FRP Dry Scrubber

Dry scrubbers have gained quite a reputation globally due to the ease with which they can be used. Since there’s little or no moisture, it gives the user relief from disposing of waste materials after cleaning. Enviguard brings you top-notch FRP Dry Scrubbers to get rid of dirty pollutants from your exhaust stream, eliminate acid gases, or remove odours. It has been particularly designed to cater to industrial requirements. 

Heavy compounds of metal, Furans/Dioxins, and acid gases can be scrubbed off easily with our FRP scrubber. It expels such gases into a safe space from the exhaust stream before they’re released into the atmosphere. Our professionals and experts employ the use of top-notch raw materials and the latest technology during the manufacturing of the scrubbers. Our dry scrubbing system’s efficiency can be up to 99%. Also, all our products are put under stringent quality tests before shipping them off to our clients. It’s beginner-friendly as well, as they are very easy to use and no fitting is needed. 

Following are some of the benefits you’d get by buying from the best FRP Dry Scrubber Manufacturer in town.

  • Rapid and efficient humidification of all the gases
  • Doesn’t require high maintenance
  • Shows resistance against corrosion
  • Customization of the product is allowed
  • Doesn’t burn a hole into your pocket
  • Ten times stronger than the steel ones

Enviguard brings you an FRP fibreglass scrubber to efficiently remove around 95 to 99% toxic or acid gases. Backed by years of expertise in manufacturing & supply of top-notch fibreglass pool scrubber, we assure you all our products will stand up to your expectations. It’s particularly designed to control the emissions from metal processing, waste incineration, chemical processing, and manufacturing. 

It comes equipped with a quencher, which lowers the vapour’s temperature. Since fibreglass is not too heavy on the pocket, everyone and anyone can afford it. It aims to scrub off hazardous gases, which is why the demand for fibreglass tub scrubber is growing day by day. All such products are manufactured under professional supervision and in compliance with international quality standards. It comes with ample elasticity and mechanical strength. Not merely that, we also allow our clients to customize the products so that it meets their requirements perfectly.

Here are some benefits of buying FRP fibreglass scrubbers from us:

  • Non-corrosive property prevents cladding
  • Not harmful against our surrounding
  • Exhibits reasonable characteristics of thermal expansion
  • Firmly stands against UV radiations
  • Comes with a guide for easy installation
  • Robust construction with impressive physical strength
  • FRP Gas Scrubber System

Gas scrubber systems are crucial to any industry as they neutralize toxic fumes and gasses coming out of the industrial system. Releasing such gases into the atmosphere harms the planet in every possible way. So, the wisest way to deal with this is to install an FRP gas scrubber system to purify the air before releasing it into the environment. At Enviguard, we manufacture excellent quality gas scrubber made out of raw materials like FRP, and PP-FRP which are extracted from trusted vendors. 

Also, the best part is, all of this can be customized based on the client’s requirements so that it perfectly fulfils their industrial demand. Our products and services are globally appreciated because of the excellent quality and anti-corrosive properties it exhibits. Gases such as H2SO4, SO3, Cl2, Hcl, SO2, Br, etc. are effectively removed from the exhaust stream. Not merely that, the scrubber also flaunts amazing properties of thermal expansion. Starting from thickness verification, and void verification to laminate hardness verification and dimension verification, everything is conducted before shipping the products off for delivery. Enviguard is your one-stop if you’re looking for an exhaust gas scrubber with a longer shelf life. 

Mentioned below are some impressive qualities of our professionally designed gas scrubber:

  • Can be customized as per the client’s requirements
  • Unbeatable and highly effective performance
  • Comes with a guide, which makes it beginner-friendly
  • Stands up against UV radiations
  • Non-corrosive property prevents cladding

Professionally designed acid exhaust scrubber can do wonders on toxic and harmful releases that come out of industrial exhaust system. It will provide a safer environment for the employees to work in, and prevent the environmental-degradation. Enviguard brings you a professionally-designed fume exhaust scrubber for effective neutralization and absorption of the acid fumes, removal of toxic particles and solvents from the exhaust stream. 

They’re designed under the strict supervision of experts to deal with chemical, acid solvent, and mists, particulates, NO2 fumes, vapours, entrained liquids, and corrosive gases from the stream. It’s equipped with a fume hood scrubber, system repairs and upgrades, airflow balancing and measurements along preventative maintenance programs. What sets our services apart is the option to customize the product as per your needs. If you don’t want to be responsible for even a fraction of the increase in the pollution level, then get your hands over the best fume exhaust scrubber available at Enviguard. 

If you’re are not yet convinced, here are some of the amazing properties of the fume exhaust scrubber available at our site:

  • Robust construction enables it to work in harsh conditions
  • Lightweight construction ensures easy installation
  • Ten times stronger and cheaper than the steel version
  • Provides a cleaner and comfortable working space
  • Top-notch raw materials are used for construction

All the industries across the world are becoming more and more aware of the dreadful effects of untreated exhaust gases on the atmosphere. The need for air quality control has given a boost to the business of air pollution control system. If you are planning to establish an industry, the first thing that needs to be done is the installation of air pollution control equipment within the premises. And you can find no better place then Enviguard for buying such systems. Having years of expertise and relationship with top-notch raw material vendors, we employ the use of only best-quality materials during manufacturing. 

Industries such as copper, steel, aluminium, cement, etc. can get their product customized as per what best fits their needs. Also, we possess ample resources and technology to match the constant changing needs of the clients. With our air pollution control devices, you can meet the emission norms quite easily. There is a wide range of equipment to choose from such as wet scrubbers, fume scrubbers, dry scrubbers, venturi scrubbers, etc. On top of that, all such equipment are fabricated using PP-FRP, HVAC and FRP to deliver the best results. 

Refer to the advantages of our air pollution control systems mentioned below:

  • Not too heavy on your pocket
  • Guided and supervised by highly knowledgeable professionals and experts
  • Delivery on time
  • Guarantee on the durability of products
  • Unmatched quality of the products and services

The job of industrial scrubbers is to prevent toxic gases and particulates from getting through and passing onto the naked sky. Initially, industrial scrubber was designed to eliminate CO2 from getting released into the atmosphere. However, now they’ve evolved and they deal with a range of toxic and acidic gases that comes out of the exhaust system. They specialize in controlling acid gases, which is a major factor in the degradation of our environment. The scrubber acts by spraying wet or dry substances (based on your choice of scrubber) over the exhaust stream and traps the pollutants and saturates them. 

At Enviguard, you would find the industrial scrubber that best fits your needs, as well as your pocket. Customize it according to your liking. They can come in a potable structure so that it becomes easy for you to shift it from one place to another. They are available in both dry well as wet forms. It’s up to you to choose what best fits your needs. Certain things are a must-have for any industry, like industrial floor cleaning machines, and scrubbers. And the scrubbers that we design, they offer efficiency till 99% and more. 

Here are some of the things you would love about our professionally designed industrial scrubber:

  • Delivers optimum performance
  • Constructed in a way to resist corrosion
  • Ten times better than the steel ones available in the market
  • Robust construction
  • Proper system for ventilation

This kind of scrubber specializes in dealing with emissions of acid gases. It’s applicable in industries for waste gas treatment and purification. They work wondrously if there are highly soluble pollutants or if the liquid is added to a chemical agent. If you’re looking for a reliable spray column scrubber manufacturer, then you’re at the right place. Here at Enviguard, we manufacture products based on information provided by our clients such as model, waste gas treatment’s capacity, concentration, etc. They’re highly suitable for every kind of poisonous industrial waste, both liquid and gas. It comes in a vertical structure as well, which minimizes the area of space occupied by it. 

Spray column scrubber work by bringing the exhaust gas in contact with liquid, where the contaminated liquid is separated from the cleansed gas, which is then released into the environment. When alkaline and acidic components enter into the spray column inlet, the sodium hydroxide solution liquid fully absorbs and neutralizes it. By the end of this process, the toxic substances are recycled and are used for some productive thing. 

Following are the benefits of installing a spray column scrubber within your commercial building:

  • Very easy and simple to operate
  • Consumes very less water and power while running
  • Non-corrosive properties ensure longer shelf life
  • Highly efficient which goes up to 85%
  • Compact structure and convenient installation

With strict environmental regulation, the installation of FGD Scrubber has become a necessity for any industry to meet the ever-changing high standards of pollution. In this method, the fuel gas is treated using certain technologies like a scrubber to remove SO2. Using wet scrubber is one of such methods, which has gained popularity in a limited period. It employs the use of an alkaline-based slurry mixture to scrub off toxic gases. The lime slurry mixture is sprayed over the flue gas, were SO2 gets absorbed by the spray and gets converted into a wet calcium sulfite. 

Also, a by-product can be easily converted to salable gypsum. If you’re on the lookout for a good-quality FGD wet scrubber, Enviguard is your buddy. It brings you an ergonomically designed FGD scrubber with advanced features to deal with SO2 emissions effectively. The latest design can promise 99% sulphur dioxide removal. Also, they act against solid particulate, mercury, and acid mist. Either you can sell the gypsum byproduct or eliminate the wastewater discharge. So, what are you waiting for? It would be foolish to miss out on an as amazing deal as Enviguard’s. Pick up the phone and reach out to us right away!

Mentioned below are some perks of buying FGD scrubber from us:

  • Comes fitted with moisture separators to prevent carryover of the slurry
  • Available in dual as well as single tray designs
  • The large absorber can treat several boilers at one time
  • Flexibility allows you to choose reagents
  • Requires low maintenance

Gl scrubber is not something you are unfamiliar with. They can be easily found in the kitchen of every household. These spherical-shaped metal balls are fabricated from galvanized wires of steel, which can quickly clean the oily and dirty stains. Since the Gl scrubber wire price is not too much, it’s the first choice of every individual across the country. What makes this very convenient to handle is its sphere shape and it also increases the cleaning surface. 

At Enviguard, we manufacture Gi scrubber in large quantities and send it all across the globe. Our products are well-packed so as they remain in their original condition while handling, transportation, and warehousing. Regardless of how much pressure you put while using it, it won’t get disfigured. Being very light-weighted, they can be handled by anyone. Since we employ the use of only the best quality raw materials, they have a longer shelf life. So, what are you waiting for? Reach us and get Gi scrubbers in bulk right away!

Following are the advantages of buying from one of the most preferred Gi Scrubber manufacturers:

  • Woven galvanized scrubbers are corrosion resistant
  • Exhibit anti-rusting properties
  • High cleaning capacity
  • The round shape and lightweight of the product makes it perfect for beginners
  • Germ-free, eco-friendly and very hygienic
  • Lasts for a longer period

Stainless steel is widely preferred among all metals is perfectly suitable for making a wide range of products. Additionally, its corrosion-resistant characteristic promises a longer shelf life. If you’re looking for a stainless steel scrubber for commercial requirement, Enviguard is your one-stop solution as it’s one of the best SS scrubber manufacturers in the nation. There’s no scope for degradation due to chemicals or other toxic gases as it’s made completely out of stainless steel.

Regardless of the kind of pressure or harsh environment, it goes through, the SS scrubber will stand up to your expectations. It’ll retain its stainless steel properties for years while removing all the toxic gases coming out of chemical reactions or other sources. Be least bothered about the quality as our products undergo stringent product quality tests for shipment. Are you worried about the SS Scrubber price? Well, don’t! Everything at Enviguard is quite affordable. Also, the product is customizable with regard to dimension, shape, velocity, power, etc. 

Here are certain advantages you would enjoy if you buy SS Scrubber from us:

  • We deliver unmatchable steel sturdiness
  • Manufactured under professional supervision and guidance
  • Comes with a guide that ensures easy installation and zero installation cost
  • Shows resistance against corrosion
  • Not harmful to the environment
Why Envigaurd?

Envigaurd ranks as the top choice in the market when it comes to scrubbers. This includes both PP-FRP and FRP scrubbers. We aim towards serving the customers with non-parallel solutions that answer the concerns related to pollution. Our experienced team ensures that you get access to all our top-quality products at pocket-friendly price tags. 

Our scrubber system can be used for the removal of most soluble gases such as Br2 , Cl2, NoX, HCl, NH 3, H2S, or similar gases released from the exhaust system. Envigaurd’s scrubbers are designed with a dual lamination process to ensure sturdiness as compared to the ones that are prepared from steel. 

Envigaurd is a leading manufacturer of PP-FRP scrubbers that comes from the dedication of a team with years of expertise. We design all our scrubbers in accordance with the customer specifications keeping the quality factor in mind and keeping the pricing pocket-friendly. 

Our aim is to create the best-quality PP-FRP scrubbers that are comprehensive and versatile in nature to provide the best outcome for industry owners. 

Here are some reasons for you to opt for Envigaurd’s PP-FRP Scrubber System:

  • Corrosion and temperature resistant design
  • Lightweight material that makes the installation process easy
  • It doesn’t require extensive maintenance, given its sturdy design
  • Are ten times long-lasting compared to steel and half its cost
  • Packs in amazing thermal expansion features
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Stable against the UV radiations

So, why wait? Purchase from the best manufacturer and ensure efficiency in your industrial tasks while you save up on the costs! 

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Frequently asked questions

What are scrubbers?

Industrial scrubber Manufacturers define scrubber systems as a broad category of air pollution management devices that can remove particles or gases from industrial exhaust streams.

What is Industrial Scrubber?

Before harmful and hazardous particulates are released into the environment, a scrubber system is employed to remove them from industrial gas streams. Always buy it from reliable Industrial scrubber Manufacturers.

What are the types of Industrial Scrubber?

The following types of scrubbers are available from any scrubber manufacturer

· Chemical Scrubbers / Gas Scrubbers.

· Chlorine Scrubbers.

· Particulate Scrubbers / Venturi Scrubbers.

· Particulate /Dust Scrubbers.

· Ammonia Scrubbers.

· Sulfuric Acid Scrubbers.

Why Industrial Scrubbers are used?

Before dangerous and toxic particles are discharged into the environment, a scrubber system is employed to remove them from industrial gas streams. Scrubbers may be designed to properly remove particles, mist, and gases while cooling the area. Ask your wet scrubber manufacturer for more details.

Where Industrial Scrubbers are used?

The dirty gases include Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, which are harmful if released in unfiltered form into the atmosphere. The scrubber used in the exhaust of chemical industries is meant only to remove harmful components from the gas, so it doesn’t filter out the particulate matter. However, a Scrubber manufacturer for the oil and gas industry can manufacture it more precisely.

What is scrubber gas processing?

A scrubber is a waste gas treatment installation in which a gas stream is brought into intensive contact with a liquid to allow certain gaseous components to pass from the gas to the liquid. Scrubbers can be employed as an emission-limiting technique for many gaseous emissions.

A scrubber system for a chemical plant is the best example.

Which gas is removed by scrubber?

Scrubber systems use a chemical interaction with a sorbent to remove various pollutants from flue gases, such as sulphur dioxide (SO2), acid gases, and air toxics. An Industrial wet scrubber is meant for it, for example.

How do scrubbers clean air?

Industrial scrubber system designed to actively clean the air by releasing “air scrubbers” to lower the quantity of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), contaminants, mould, smells, and pollutants in the air and on surfaces, whereas air filters absorb bigger airborne particles like dust and dirt.

What chemicals are used in scrubbers?

Generally speaking, the main chemical is calcium carbonate. If a dry scrubber is used, the flue gas comes into contact with pulverized limestone, mainly calcium carbonate. The chemical reaction between the calcium carbonate and the sulfur dioxide yield calcium sulfite. Let’s take an example of suction scrubber oil and gas for such a kind the efficient use.

How do scrubbers remove pollutants?

Wet scrubbers are devices that use direct contact with a spray of water or another liquid to catch suspended particles. As particles collide with and are entrained by the many small droplets in the spray . A scrubber effectively washes them out of the unclean airstream. Contact a Venturi scrubber manufacturer for more details.

How does venturi scrubber work?

A venturi scrubber atomizes the scrubbing liquid and improves gas-liquid interaction by speeding up the waste gas stream. A “throat” segment is placed into the duct of a venturi scrubber, forcing the gas stream to accelerate as the duct narrows and then widens. Contact your Wet scrubber and dry scrubber manufacturer for more details.

How much do scrubbers reduce air pollution?

Gases are usually removed by these devices with 90–95 per cent efficiency. The fume scrubbing system in India is well known for its efficiency in reducing air pollution.

What is the difference between an air washer and an air scrubber?

The fundamental distinction between an air purifier and an air scrubber is where the contaminants in indoor air are collected. Air purifiers clean just airborne particles, but an air scrubber cleans particles from the air as well as the surrounding surfaces. It’s just not like the difference between a dry and a wet scrubber.

What is the difference between an ejector and a venturi scrubber?

Industrial air scrubber manufacturers define both as the same

Why is potassium permanganate called a powerful scrubber?

Permanganate (Sodium as good as potassium) is a powerful oxidizing agent that will react with most organic compounds to burn them.

Wet scrubber technology is the best example of it.

How does a scrubber help in reducing pollution?

Wet scrubbers catch suspended particles by contacting them directly with a water spray or another liquid. Then, as particles collide with and are entrained by the many small droplets in the spray, a scrubber washes them out of the unclean airstream.

What are wet scrubbers? How do they work?

By trapping particulates in liquid droplets, wet scrubbers may remove them. The polluting gases are dissolved or absorbed by the liquid, which collects the droplets. A mist eliminator must be used to remove any droplets in the scrubber’s incoming gas from the outlet gas stream.

Chemical scrubber manufacturer is much more efficient to use this technology.

What is the difference in function between a gas scrubber and a separator in the oil industry?

The liquid condensate from the gas is removed by a gas scrubber. This is often utilized at the compressor’s input, interstage, and discharge stages. Separators are used to separate three phases. In general, feed is made up of oil, water, and gas.

How long do you need to run an air scrubber to remove mould spores?

Over the next three days, you will let these machines run for 24 hours a day.

Difference between the dry scrubber and wet scrubber?

The wet industrial scrubber sprays flue gas with a specific fluid that interacts primarily with the heavier impurities contained in the gas as it passes through the system. On the other hand, a dry industrial scrubber sprays multiple dry chemicals into the exhaust stream.

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