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Envigaurd PP Hood


Enviguard’s PP Fume Hood is a perfect example of efficiency and effectiveness, as it protects users from inhaling toxic gases, protects the products and the environment from recirculating.

Envigaurd PP Wall cabinet

Enviguard’s Pp Wall cabinets are cost-effective and highly efficient and it comes with the assurance of being long-lasting, it protects the products and the environment from chemical deterioration.

Envigaurd PP Hood

Enviguard’s Pp Hood guarantees high quality, cost-effective solutions, precisely designed to promote smooth airflow, and is equipped to resist corrosion from strong acid and alkali

pp storage cabinet

Enviguard’s  Pp storage cabinets are designed with ample sturdiness which makes extensive maintenance a non-requirement, being remarkably light-weight it facilitates the process of installation easily storing non-flammable and toxic chemicals

pp under bench cabinet

Enviguard’s Pp under bench cabinet are made designed to be outstandingly functional when mounted on high-quality castors for efficient removal of cabinets enabling easy access to the removable service panel.

Pp regent rack

Enviguard’s regent racks are highly safe, particularly the place for electrical connection is so placed that it remains absolutely safe in case acid spillage on the rack takes place, in addition to that the rack is strong and sturdy, yet very elegant.

PP Cupboard

Pp cupboards are built sturdy and designed with proper functionality to store inflammable and toxic chemicals with ease, it is cost-effective and due to its robust quality reduces the necessity for regular maintenance.

Spot extractor

The Spot Extractor is use as local exhaust system in laboratories, pharmaceutical unit & production environments. It can be ventilated contaminated air so it protects both user and workplace safely from harmful fumes

Laboratory equipments

Containment glove boxes are used to protect laboratory personnel and the surrounding environment from contamination with hazardous materials or malignant bacteria.


The safe, dry finishing process that uses finely ground particles of pigment and resin to create a protective finish. We choose to powder coat our steel frames because it is low in toxicity and has low flammability.

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