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When environments become bruiser day by day, you need something that would offer an easy solution. This quick fix is known as FRP ducts. This page will inform you about everything that you want to know about FRP ducts. So keep with us until the edge and witness how fiber reinforced plastic ducts can be most suitable for your business.

We are a company that believes in work satisfaction, which means that we tell you to trust us with your funds when you see the marvellous professional maintenance we offer and the admirable products we deliver. We are not an enterprise that speaks highly of them, without having any credibility whatsoever.

Envigaurd knows that there are other businesses that operate in the same way we do, so why should you trust us when you are already working with them, or you are someone that is looking for a reliable organization?

Have faith in us because we believe in making things transparent always. From ordering the product to its delivery, you will be updated every moment. Expert professionals who are just one call away will handle any issues or inquiries that you face with your product. So we take pride in our service which is unmatched in Bangalore. So the search for the best FRP ducts in Bengaluru ends with Envigaurd.

FRP ductwork

FRP ductwork is a product that we manufacture mainly for industrial purposes. All FRP ductworks that are manufactured by Envigaurd are can withstand corrosion, harsh temperatures, and humongous pressure. The FRP ductwork that is designed for industries serves as a product that provides durable performance.

We manufacture FRP ductwork according to your needs and convenience. This is the reason why Envigaurd takes special care in designing our FRP ductwork. As FRP duct manufacturers we make sure that our FRP ductwork has minimum thickness and fittings are kept less than 19 inches. These adjustments make our product leakproof. All the FRP ductwork in accordance with the latest market standards. So you can breathe a sigh of relief as you won’t get a product that is outdated.

PP FRP ducting

When you hear the word customization, Envigaurd should be the first thing that should come to your mind. We manufacture PP FRP ducting in a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition, the maintenance cost of these PP FRP ducting is low. So when you purchase a PP FRP ducting from our side you will get a product that is leak-proof, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting.

Furthermore, we make sure that the products are tested carefully before it is shipped to you. PP FRP ducting is suitable for your business since they are extremely lightweight, provides tremendous performance, and highly affordable.

FRP duct installation

During FRP duct installation, there are certain guidelines we follow. We follow these guidelines to eliminate any form of condensation that might occur at the interior of the wall duct

Guideline 1: Prior to installation, we make sure that the slip collar is bonded tightly with the FRP duct.

Note: slip collar is a material that is needed to make end-to-end duct connections. A slip collar provides an airtight atmosphere so that FRP ducts can eliminate the need for external clamping and due to this the FRP duct shows strength and rigidity.

Guideline 2: The edges of the FRP duct is coated with resin so that the duct remains corrosion free

Guideline 3:  With a help of a hole saw, holes are made for fitting.

Frequently asked questions

1. What’s the shelf life for your FRP DUCT?

Our duct lasts for 10 – 15 years at a bare minimum.

2. Is FRP ductwork expensive?

No, it’s super affordable and hence it can be used by small, medium, and large business owners.

3. Can FRP ducts be customized?

The answer is a resounding yes.

4. Why are FRP ducts used?

FRP ducts have a variety of usage, but some of the most important pointers will be mentioned here. First and foremost it would be for pressure and vacuum services. The second would be for connections and fittings. Lastly, it can be used for making formulations which are abrasion-resistant.

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