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What is Duct?

Passages, tubings, fittings, and other cross-ventilation items that carry out airflow in and around an area/building/office are called a duct. Exhaust ducts are used everywhere, where an outlet is needed. It is to be noted that not all pipelines which are situated in an area are ducts. A pipeline carrying water, gas, sewage, etc., are not classified as ducts; ducts are only meant for forced air circulation.

The whole joining system which provides the airflow to your house is called ductwork. The duct AC unit takes warm air out of the house so it can be cooled down; all in all, ducts are important sub-systems to have in any household/building to provide efficient temperatures and a healthy atmosphere for everyone living in it.

Types of Duct

There are various kinds of ducts available made from different types of materials suited for your needs. The duct cooler price will vary across suppliers; however, entire ductwork installation and even custom duct fabrication services will be available to you depending on the type of system you want to install.

There are mainly two types of ducts, the latter being classified into more based on the manufacturing. Based on the ductwork fabrication processes and the duct manufacturer in your area, you will get the following products:

  • Flexible duct line systems:

These systems are typically installed in areas where there is limited space availability, e.g., a 2-bedroom home. It is made of a metallic sheet layered with a flexible canvas duct plastic for shape reform. It also has insulation covering so that it is less vulnerable to destruction in especially closed-off areas.

These types of ducts require a certain level of installation as it can stop functioning altogether if it isn’t secured and supported properly. These are the most inexpensively available ductwork and are always the best choice for a household. Envigaurd is one of the best flexible duct manufacturers with skilled professionals who can make sure it is properly installed in your home and provide regular airflow checks.

  • Rigid Ducts:

The shape, size, material for manufacture, and everything else can be customized with these types of ducts depending on the ductwork manufacturers. These main lines are further classifies based on their durability, size, and flow advantages. The following are available in the market:

  • Sheet metal ducts:

The most recognizable form of ducts, seen in movies and video games. These are non-porous and highly reliable; these ducts are light and easy to install within any ventilation surrounding. The aluminum and galvanized steel combination makes it rigid and hence no sounds while airflow throughout its life cycle. These also available as flexible ducts with certain aluminum flexible duct pipe manufacturers.

  • Fiberglass lining:

These are reinforced fiberglass-based duct lines built with HVAC ductwork fabrication to be extremely efficient and mainly used for commercial buildings and office spaces with a large amount of airflow throughout the day. The fiberglass absorbs the sound of the duct AC unit, and hence the overall noise is reduced. This system requires thorough maintenance as the fiberglass may weaken overtime and break into the airflow, causing healing hazards.

  • Fiberboard ducts:

These ducts are specially made for heating and cooling systems and not particularly for ventilation. It is fiberglass reinforced with a resin-based solution, great for maintaining desired temperatures. It is advised not to use this for ventilation as, over time, it can become a breeding ground for mold.

Application of Duct

Duct cooler conditioning systems are in place in virtually all home and office spaces worldwide. All of this airflow is being driven by one crucial component within this system: the air duct. The variety of applications it has can only be legitimately considered once we remove the ducts in whole and then try to ventilate and keep an airflow; it is that important. 

Intermediate applications of ductworks can consist of the following:

  • Prevents contamination of air:

A basic duct AC system pulls in air from the outside, cools it through the air conditioning system, and delivers it to the concerned room; the warm air from the inside is also taken with this system. Ducts prevent the unfiltered outside air, full of dust and dirt particles, from mixing in with the inside air, protecting family and pets from allergies and infections.

  • Provide Ventilation:

Airflow is maintained through duct lines, thus providing a comfortable atmosphere indoors. Without a proper duct system in place, the airflow will be restricted, and outside and inside air will be mixed in created chaos. Temperature controlled atmosphere is necessary for extreme cold and hot areas, making top-grade ductwork for ventilation a must.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

For a duct AC system installation, the duct system is comprised of around 20-30% of the entire cost of installing the system. Investing in a proper duct system will make sure to prevent leakage and contamination and reduce future repairing and replacing costs.

Apart from the above mentioned, ducts also have an important responsibility in the technological sector.

  • Cooling of server farms:

Server farms working at a hundred percent capacity throughout the year need a constant influx of air to keep them cool and working. Large-scale ducts are installed with giant duct fans to get a large amount of air circulating throughout acres of land. Without the particular ducts in place, we would lose our important data and even the internet as a whole if these servers stop working due to heat.

  • Filteration systems:

Servers and mining farms require maximum capacity air filtration systems. These are accompanied by large-scale ducts working through giant suction fans. Large-scale utilization of these duct systems makes it possible to maintain the best possible temperatures in any situation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ducts

To everyone wondering, ducts come under essential components for building houses, office spaces, buildings, and everything else in the construction world in general. Due to its important applications, duct cooler price will depend based on quality, and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, though that doesn’t mean to say that some people won’t consider the minute disadvantages before making a decision. 

To provide a brief, here is a list of the advantages coupled with disadvantages to provide more of an insight:

  • Provides airflow without disrupting the inside temperatures and maintains a comfortable environment for everyone
  • Keeps dirt infected outside air at bay during the air conditioning process
  • Dampens the AC unit noise in a commercial space, preventing noise pollution
  • Provides ventilation throughout the building space

When properly installed and secured, there will be no accidental leakage of polluted air inside the room. Furthermore, using high-quality fiberglass-based ducts will absorb the air conditioning unit’s noise and extend its life cycle. A necessity in every household and office, ducts will improve the quality of life for everyone.

  • Duct cooler price can be high on top of installation charges depending on the type of duct you are looking for
  • Maintenance charges can ramp up as the system ages
  • Improperly installed systems can cause leakage of air and harm the inside environment
  • If insulation breaks off, it can mix with the air and harm the respiratory system

Some of these disadvantages are far-fetched but still, they give an idea of what can be expected from your ductwork. Ducts like fiberglass are expensive to purchase as well as install, whereas cheaply available flexible ducts need extremely careful installation; even a single error cab collapse the entire system.

As the exchange of air takes place through the duct cooler overutilization life, duct line systems collect a massive amount of dust, which, if not cleaned, will block the flow of air and disrupt the functioning of duct cooler systems. Frequent AC duct cleaning is required to maintain the entire heating/cooling/ventilation system’s life, which itself can be an expensive undertaking. 

All the points mentioned above should be considered by everyone looking to make an educated guess on how to invest in a proper duct system for their household/office.

Duct Working Principle

Ducts work on the principle of forced air distribution through the duct cooler. Air, like all things, has weight; the air is pushed at a rate through the ducts, in a horizontal direction; this is because no energy is used when pushing in a horizontal direction instead of a vertical direction where work has to be done against gravity. The duct is designed in such a way that it has minimum friction and turbulence. Friction causes hindrance in the air path, whereas turbulence makes it difficult for air to escape from the exhaust duct, creating blockage and narrowing the path. These are the fundamental principles manufacturers use when designing their ducts.

A basic duct AC system consists of the following components:

  • Air Handler:

The place where the blower fan and filter are located. It pushes the air through the duct channel, filtering out the miscellaneous components.

  • Plenum:

Essentially, a large box-shaped container that holds either warm or cool air. From here, it gets circulated to the entire duct system and enters the room, where it pushes the air present inside the room to a different set of ducts.

  • Flue:

It brings the air outside and also removes noxious gases from it, making it suitable for the outside environment

  • Duct trunk:

The main container from the furnace aids in the transmission of air throughout the system. It supplies the air to the duct pipes and registers.

  • Duct pipes:

Carries the air from the duct trunk to different rooms of your house. Acting as a transmission path, it provides a proper channel for the air to flow through within the system.

  • Duct transitions:

These branch out from the duct pipes and connect to registers in different rooms, where it is supplied.

  • Registers:

These are of two types – supply registers, which provide warm or cool air to the room, and return registers, which take in air from the room to be cooled or warmed.

  • Flex piping:

These are flexible pipes that can be bent to fit the shape of the house/room. These are best used for compact spaces where rigid piping won’t comply. These are insulated and inexpensive.

All these parts work in tandem with each other to provide the best air conditioning/ventilation system through the AC duct to a household. The registers and pipes will get dust clogged after frequent usage, so regular maintenance is required to keep optimum system performance. 

Ductwork systems these days come with leakage detection, which will go off the moment any part is compromised. It is advised to always do your due diligence before confirming which system you will want to use and vet the professionals who will assist in installing the system and keeping in check with the promised maintenance schedules.

Top Industries that Use the Duct

Although ductwork systems are an important part of households, buildings, and office spaces, several industries use specially made, industrial-grade duct/ventilation systems that perform at a massive scale. 

These duct cooler systems are designed in such a way that they can function all day throughout the year with little to no maintenance due to their design being the most expensive in the efficiency grade, which filters out faster than it circulates air.

Here are some of the top industries utilizing ducts at a large scale for manufacturing:

  • Chemistry labs and chemical research:

Experiment with chemicals always gives rise to gases, some of which are dangerous to inhale. Industrial grade ducts that are immune from reaction with these gases are used at a large scale in manufacturing chemicals and scientific research labs.

  • Pharmaceutical industry:

Synthesis of compounds is mostly exothermic reactions, giving out gases that need to be filtered through ducts. Also, some of these are specialized tubes used for the pneumatic transportation of medicines.

  • Food factories and beverage manufacturing:

Large-scale manufacturing of food and beverages have giant ducts installed in their production plants, providing efficient working temperatures, which make sure the food doesn’t go bad and has an efficient shelf-life.

  • Car services and gas production/delivery:

Mechanical workshops which deal with exhausts and engine parts have to filter out the gases from the inside. These gases also need to be converted into less harmful gases before being released into the atmosphere. The same goes for petrol gas manufacturing and delivery. These plants have specialized duct/vent system which burns the toxic chemicals in the gases before being sent to the outlet.

  • Woodworking industry:

Carving wood produces tens of thousands of dust particles which can be lethal when inhaled. Powerful suction-based registers are used in these plants to make sure all of these particles are displaced safely and efficiently.

  • Glass Industry:

Like woodworking, manufacturing of class is also an intricate process. Ceramic, glass and dust particle here can be so tiny as well as sharp that if inhaled can cut through someone’s respiratory system. Each station consists of a suction-based respirator that works continuously to filter out all these dangerous particles in these industries.

These are some of the mainstream industries which utilize powerful industrial-grade ductwork in their daily use. The working principle remains the same, but the scale increases tenfold when dealing with something at this level.

The duct which Envigaurd manufacture

Ducts are an important part of any industry as they’re used for transporting corrosive liquids, chemicals, toxic gases, or other industrial products. For industrial use, the ducts have to be very highly non-corrosive and strong. Enviguard brings you ducts specifically designed for industrial use. Such ducts are fabricates using PP FRP materials. PP FRP ducting system is passed through several stringent quality test measures before delivering them to our clients. All our raw materials are sourced from highly reliable and genuine vendors. 

Usually, such PP FRP duct is used at Exhaust systems, Chemical Industries, Development and Research Centres, and Laboratories. Since they possess some salient features like non-corrosiveness, it protects against leakage and requires very less maintenance. Since these ducts are fabricated using resin technology, they’re capable of performing even under unfavorable conditions. Regardless of whether you need round ducting or square ducting system, you just name it. It’s our duty to deliver what you’ve asked for within a limited period. Being the PP FRP ducting manufacturer in the nation, we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Read on to know some of the benefits of buying PP FRP ducts from us:
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Quick installation with the help of standard tools
  • Resin is a fire retardant which makes it perfect for industrial use
  • Very sturdy and great mechanical strength
  • Very much stable in front of UV rays

What does the industry’s owner expect while getting an FRP duct system? Leakage proof and robust construction of the duct are common characteristics that most industrial owners look for. At Enviguard, we go a step ahead and provide you with much more than that. Being a leading PP FRP ducting manufacturer, we are globally loved for our round ducting and square ducting manufacturing. What allows our ducts to work efficiently even in harsh condition is the resin technology that has been used during manufacturing. 

Also, non-corrosiveness is another major factor as it makes the duck leakage proof and requires very low maintenance. The unquestionable rigidity that we offer ensures the FRP duct fittings last for a longer period. Since it comes with an installation guide that’s easy to understand, you won’t have to spend money for installation either. And the best part is, we take note of everything in our industry before designing a product for you. While doing the FRP duct installation, we follow certain rules to eradicate any kind of condensation at the inside of the duct’s wall. 

Some key features of our carefully designed PP FRP ducts are as follows:
  • Impact-resistant and non-corrosive
  • Comes with very high mechanical strength
  • RF transparency
  • A big no when it comes to magnetism and sparking
  • Dimensions, sizes, and thickness can be customized
  • Being light-weighted, it’s easy to shift from one place to another

HVAC duct has played a major role in controlling industrial emission. In a layman’s language, HVAC ducting is nothing but the supply of cool air into the building and the elimination of warm air. HVAC aims at improving air quality by delivering optimum thermal comfort and maximum air comfort. Ensuring ac vent cleaning from time to time is a major pre-requisite for having a better functioning HVAC system. It’s superior to the air conditioning system as here all the inside air is removed and only the best quality air is brought in, which is not the case in the air conditioning system.

Unlike air conditioning, in the case of HVAC, you get access to a flex duct system. Before bringing the air into a building, the outdoor air is passed through seven phases to clear out all the particulates, dust, debris, and heat. The nine things that are included in the system ensure you experience the highest thermal comfort. Also, if you don’t want your ductwork to get damaged anytime soon, keep on changing the duct at an interval of ever 2-5 years. Before designing a system for you, we pay a visit to your industrial resident and design a system based on the layout of your office.

Refer to some of the advantages of buying HVAC ducting from us:
  • Regular maintenance of air conditioning, ventilation, and filter
  • Deliver amazing environmental comfort
  • Phenomenal air quality
  • Gases, dust, moisture, and bacteria are removed from the air that’s brought in
  • Cost-effective
  • Lasts for around 10 years

SS air ducts are globally known and preferred for their amazing non-corrosive characteristics. As we all know, the air is a compressible fluid, so it demands properly designed ducting to maximize efficiency while minimizing losses. In several industries, such ducts are used for ventilation, heating, and air conditioning as well. So, these ducts need to be highly non-reactive against chemical, fumes or simply water. Moisture content, dust carrying velocity, and dust loads are certain parameters that are taken into consideration before manufacturing SS bumper air ducts or simply SS ducts. 

This is a major reason why you should purchase from only the best in the industry i.e. Enviguard. Here we take every little thing into consideration before designing a product for you. On top of that, all our products are manufactured under expert and professional supervision. If you choose our properly designed SS bumper ducts, you would save a huge deal of money in the future. Customization is something we gladly entertain. So, you can design the size, dimension, thickness of your SS duct and we would provide you with exactly what you’ve ordered. Don’t miss out on the opportunity! Contact us right away to get your custom-made SS duct delivered. 

Read on to know some of the benefits of buying from us:
  • Quite light on the pocket
  • Greater strength and durability
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Can be used in different types of industries

GI duct meaning galvanized ducts are the primary choice for every industrialist nowadays. This is because they’re lighter in weight as compared to MS ducts. Also, they’re the toughest ducts available in the market. Industries which emit or use highly corrosive liquids or gases should go for such ducting system as they’re very strong. Toughness and strength come from the beadings present at every 300 mm. If you’re looking for a GI duct dealer, then look no further. Enviguard manufactures all kinds of GI duct including the Gi spiral duct for the clients. The product is bestowed with all the amazing features that a duct should possess. 

Since they require very less maintenance, the Gi round duct is highly preferred by industrial owners. Moreover, it delivers good insulation, which ensures that some energy is saved. All our products are inspected to make sure they meet all the international industrial standards. Not only this proves the quality of the product but also promises a safer working environment. So, get your hands on the best ever Gi ducts manufactured under professional guidance. 

Here are some of the benefits that you should know about the Gi duct.
  • Available at the most reasonable price
  • Designed using most innovative and unique techniques
  • Lasts for more than 50 years
  • Impact-resistant and non-corrosive
  • Being light-weighted, it allows easy installation
  • Dimension and sizes can be customized

Why Envigaurd?

Envigaurd is the leading manufacturer of PP-FRP products in Bangalore, India, concerning the cost-effectiveness of the products, top-grade manufacturing, and long-term usage. All PP-FRP-based ducts manufactured by Envigaurd are corrosion resistant, durable, resistant to leakage, and low maintenance products suited for all your needs.

We believe in providing value, decreasing the cost, and improving the quality. We take pride in our product’s worth and hence benefit our customers. The variety of advantages and post-buy services we provide will always help us succeed in this industry.

Envigaurd specialized PP-FRP based ducts with custom HVAC ductwork tailored to your needs and will provide you with:
  • Cost-effective, flexible ducts as well as fiberglass-based rigid ducts at a price competitive with the market value of the product
  • Resin enforced fiberglass, which is less prone to wear, providing better insulation
  • Lightweight, fire-resistant, and non-conductive products for maximum safety to customers
  • Uncomplicated to install when compared to competitor’s products. Simple house tools will be sufficient for products manufactured by Envigaurd
  • Every product will be manufactured based on your house/office/facility, taking in the exact measurements for the perfect fit
  • Loyal and precise service frequent inspection is done of the factory to make sure every norm is being followed when delivering customer’s products

In addition to the above pointers, each professional employed at Envigaurd carries with them a minimum of five years of experience working with PP-FRP-based products. This makes sure that your product’s installation will be of the utmost quality with no margin for error, thus preventing leaks, damages, and complaints. Even the fabrication personnel are experts in this sector and look into the manufacturing process with eagle-eyed detail. Such dimensional precision prevents friction within the system and reduces the chances of turbulence at the exit of each valve and inline fan .

When you choose Envigaurd, you choose quality, fidelity, best-in-class quality of service, and loyalty. Every care is being taken to meet the industry’s standards and the customer, along with many other factors that make our organization the best there is in the market.

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