PP Cupboard

Polypropylene cupboards are high-grade polypropylene-based sturdy cupboards that are useful for storing harsh chemicals and other types of corrosive liquids in a laboratory environment. These have a high tolerance rate for any spillage within it and keeps all fumes quarantined from the outside environment. Provided with a magnetic locking mechanism, the user doesn’t have to worry about the accidental opening of the cupboard and the ergonomic design keeps everything at arm’s reach.

Cupboard manufacturers often take an isolated approach when designing these products for sensitive lab work. Envigaurd makes the design and manufacturing process entirely transparent by informing the client about the progress every step of the way. The cupboards are available in ready-to-ship sizes but can also be custom-made according to client requirements.

Features of Envigaurd’s polypropylene-based cupboards are:
  • Easy to handle, as lightweight polypropylene is easy to move around as it’s stable and sturdy which makes transportation an easy task.
  • Airtight seals keep spillage from contaminating anything outside the cupboard. Great for storing highly reactive components.
  • Repair work is made easy with a detachable door and handles which can be easily switched without any assistance.
  • Dimensions can be customized by placing custom orders based on lab size and the kind of chemicals which are needed to be stored.
  • Welded polypropylene structure, no corrosive metal components. Utterly reliable for any long-term work.
  • Industrial manufacturing and protective coating make it corrosion resistant.
  • Equipped with leakage-proof adjustable shelves, which are removable for easy cleaning
  • The locking mechanism is provided for extra security. Users can also use any padlock if required
  • Recommendable for storage of strong corrosive chemicals, such as sulphuric acid, nitric acid, and acetic acid
  • Indicator labels can be used to indicate the types of chemicals stored inside giving a cautionary approach to work eliminating occupational risk.

Envigaurd has been a leader in laboratory cupboard door manufacturing and has high regard for consumer service. We offer a one-stop solution for all equipment handling work. The design, manufacturing, and installation work is handled by us also providing post-delivery service. Being a one-stop service allows our customers to make decisions without having to look elsewhere regarding compatible products. 

Frequently asked questions

How reliable is the cupboard?

PP cupboards are welded polypropylene and have seals on the doors and spaces which make them reliable for all kinds of corrosive substance storage.

Any chances of the locking mechanism failing?

Envigaurd’s manufacturing and quality testing phase is a long and rigorous process that tests our products at every possible failure scenario. This ensures we deliver a product that doesn’t have any chance of failing during necessary moments, especially in a sensitive work environment.

Are further information and queries resolved after product delivery?

Envigaurd takes pride in the customer support and quality standards that are maintained by our team. Each step of the design, manufacture, shipping, and installation is provided by us and the team will guide you throughout the process both at the beginning and end of the product cycle.

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