PP Tray Manufacturer

PP Trays are a necessity in different industries and are widely used for their impressive mechanical strength. We at Enviguard manufacture PP tray and supply it to a range of industries, which carry out processes like crystallization, drying, etc. Resistance to breakage and scratches makes PP trays the first choice of every industry.

Such trays can function effectively under temperature ranging from 32 degrees F to as high as 180 degrees F. Trays made out of polypropylene are dishwasher, as well as microwave safe. Using corrosive chemicals, acids, and alkalies during the process wouldn’t harm the tray as it’s highly resistant to all those substances.

Here are some of the advantages of buying PP trays from us:

·      Resistant to corrosive liquids and gases

·      Very high mechanical strength

·      Size of the tray can be customized

·      Prevents sticking of materials, hence, no contamination

.   Light-weighted

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