About Envigaurd 

We introduce ourselves as the harbinger of PP FRP, FRP, HVAC, and electrical control panel as we fit this description perfectly. We manufacture and deliver all kinds of PP FRP, FRP, HVAC, and electrical control panel products that you can possibly imagine. You think of it and we already have it.

Our customer comes back for repeated service. Since we are ahead of our time. We are always updated with news and guidelines related to PP FRP, FRP, HVAC, and Electrical control panels. So with us, you don’t have to worry about getting products that are backdated.
The raw materials that are used to make our products are all industry and quality approved. Fiber-reinforced plastic that we mostly use is phenolic resins, furane, iso-phthalic polyester, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, and high dentistry polyethylene. 

PP FRP Products

The polypropylene Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic material manufactured by Envigaurd is designed to ensure the right balance of properties that bring in cost-effectiveness and long-term usage. With features such as corrosion resistance and weight advantages, the PP-FRP products by Envigaurd are sure to stand sturdy against any physical or chemical deterioration.

PP-FRP Scrubbers Manufacturer

PP FRP Scrubber 

With the use of lightweight material, our PP-FRP Scrubbers are corrosion and temperature resistant. Further, our material possesses the right amount of sturdiness with zero extensive maintenance. 

envigaurd pp frp blower

PP FRP Blower

Our PP-FRP Blowers are uniquely designed with minimal operational noise and cost that is highly useful in multiple commercial applications, including that of pharmaceutical industries.

PP FRP Chemical storage tank

PP FRP Chemical Storage Tank

Enviguard’s lightweight chemical storage tank is easy to install with top-quality industrially applicable features such as temperature & corrosion resistance. 

PP-FRP Swimming Pool

PP-FRP Swimming Pool

Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, the PP-FRP swimming pools by Envigaurd do not get damaged easily with minimal additional cost.

Envigaurd PP frp Blower

PP-FRP Centrifugal Blowers:

Packed with features such as aerodynamic impellers, weight reduction features, lower power consumption, and many more, Envigaurd’s centrifugal blowers are perfect for industrial usage.

Envigaurd pp frp duct

PP-FRP Ducts:

Resistant to any corrosion from long-term usage, the PP-FRP Ducts by Envigaurd possess sturdiness and optimum mechanical strength with the uncomplicated installation.

PP-FRP Swimming Pool

PP-FRP Swimming Pool

Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, the PP-FRP swimming pools by Envigaurd do not get damaged easily with minimal additional cost.

Envigaurd PP frp Blower

PP-FRP Centrifugal Blowers:

Packed with features such as aerodynamic impellers, weight reduction features, lower power consumption, and many more, Envigaurd’s centrifugal blowers are perfect for industrial usage.

Envigaurd pp frp duct

PP-FRP Ducts:

Resistant to any corrosion from long-term usage, the PP-FRP Ducts by Envigaurd possess sturdiness and optimum mechanical strength with the uncomplicated installation.

Envigaurd pp frp Canopy hood

PP FRP Canopy Hood

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With enhancements in technology, Envigaurd has developed high-quality HVAC components with a durable design that comes with minimal need for maintenance and repair services.

Our HVAC components are perfect for daily use to help provide you fresh and comfortable airflow while removing any dust particles with ease for both commercial & residential usage.

HVAC system

HVAC System Installation Repair Services:

For cases like proper fitting & repairing, HVAC System Installation Repair Services are available to ensure the adequate installation of the HVAC unit, as well as repairing when needed during an emergency.

envigaurd hvac duct

HVAC Ducting:

To ensure proper ventilation of air, Envigaurd’s HVAC ducts are a great asset to tone down industrial air pollution & provide comfort in industrial, residential, as well as manufacturing buildings.

hvac duct

Ventilation Duct Manufacturer:

Ventilation ducts by Envigaurd help in proper ventilation of clean air in your residence as well as working place while ensuring the maintenance patterns with a noticeable cutback in energy consumption.

envigaurd exhaust duct

Exhaust Duct Manufacturer:

For better airflow in industrial, residential, or company applications, Enviguard’s exhaust ducts are built with absolute precision & quality standards in effect.

envigaurd heating system duct

Heating System Duct Manufacturer:

Envigaurd’s Heating System Ducts are designed to move out the air from your heating unit along with high savings on energy with resistance to molding, corrosion, leaking issue, or moisture damage.

envigaurd air washer duct

Air Washer Duct Manufacturer:

With aspects like cost-efficient, energy-efficient, & prolonged lifespan for your HVAC unit, Envigaurd produces the best & highest-quality air washer ducts to keep your duct clean & well maintained.

envigaurd floor mounted AHU

Floor Mounted AHU:

To condition & circulate air as part of a ventilating, heating, & air-conditioning system, Enviguard provides the best floor mounted AHU for residential & industrial use.

FRP Product

At Envigaurd, our FRP products are designed to facilitate ease of use with their lightweight construction. The FRP products can resist harsh effects from degradation, weathering, or aging.

Our products help reduce any adverse environmental impacts with a composite material that delivers high strength with optimal work performance.

scrubber manufacturer

FRP Scrubber:

With impeccable quality factor and taste for uniqueness, we have designed the FRP Scrubbers to ensure reinforced mechanical strength that doesn’t harm our environment.

envigaurd frp chemical storage tank

FRP Chemical Storage Tank:

A symbol of durability, longer shelf life, toughness, as well as a lightweight design, the FRP chemical storage tank by Envigaurd is ideal for your daily use in the industry.

FRP Reactor Manufacturer:

Created from high-quality FRP material, our reactor is cost-effective to ensure minimal operational costs. Our products are easy to install with abrasion and corrosion resistance.

envigaurd frp duct

FRP Ducts:

Our FRP ducts are created for smoother airflow and improved functionality for high-energy savings. Envigaurd’s products also ensure resistance to moisture damage, molding, leakage issues, or corrosion.

frp centrifugal blower

FRP Centrifugal Blower:

Backed by a high-quality fiber-reinforced plastic design, our centrifugal blowers are meant for extended life, added durability, as well as ease-of-use.

envigaurd frp blower

FRP Blower:

Flaunting a durable design, our FRP Blowers are laden up with features that ensure that the product doesn’t rust away with a wide range of industrial applications.

frp Swimming pool

FRP Swimming Pool:

Envigaurd’s FRP swimming pools are easy to install and less prone to damage. With minimal maintenance, our swimming pools will stay by your side for years to come.

frp security cabin

FRP Portable Office:

Portability is the need of the hour, and answering this requirement of our clients, we have brought to you the best and most durable FRP portable offices for commercial or personal needs.

frp toilet cabin manufacturer

FRP Toilet Cabin Manufacturer:

A toilet cabin has to be durable, and this is what we bring to you at Envigaurd. Our toilet cabins are designed for both residential purposes as well as commercial needs.

envigaurd frp lining system

FRP Lining System Manufacturer:

Our proprietary design for FRP Lining is ideal for industrial enhancements for steel as well as concrete industries. Further, our FRP lining is reinforced to ensure moisture resistance for the long term.

envigaurd frp pipes and fitting

FRP Pipes and Fittings:

Envigaurd’s FRP pipes & fittings are designed for tough manufacturing industrial applications with resistance to abrasion, rusting, or chemical corrosion.

envigaurd frp moulding work

FRP Molding Work:

Envigaurd’s FRP molding work is created from a composite material that consists of high-performance embedded fibers that are plastic molded for durability.

envigaurd frp fume absorbers

FRP Fume Absorbers:

To adhere to the compliance requirements of fume and dust extraction regulations at a global scale, Envigaurd offers you high-quality Fume Absorbers made from FRP material.

envigaurd fume exhaust duct

FRP Fume Exhaust Duct Manufacturer:

Exhaust ducts that carry industrial fumes need to be sturdy and resistant to any corrosion from chemicals. Our FRP Fume Exhaust Ducts are designed to last for years with cost-effectiveness.

envigaurd frp door

FRP Doors:

For residential and commercial usage, the FRP Doors by Envigaurd stand true to their features while ensuring that you do not have to invest in purchasing doors for a long time.

envigaurd frp dustbin

FRP Dustbins:

Meant for recycling & waste management, the FRP dustbins by Envigaurd is ideal for concentrated waste with chemical manipulation & effective composting with minimal harm to the environment.

envigaurd frp fire hose boxes

FRP Fire Hose Boxes Manufacturer:

With perfect finish and rust-proof design, the FRP Fire Hose boxes by Envigaurd are designed to ensure safety against fire with a reinforced plastic design for longevity minus chemical/physical deterioration.

envigaurd grating manufacturer

FRP Grating Manufacturer:

With application in the oil, marine, as well as gas industries, the FRP Grating product by Envigaurd is resistant to any corrosion with minimal maintenance costs.

envigaurd frp vacuum degasser

FRP Vacuum Degassers Manufacturer:

A customized system for air treatment, the FRP vacuum degasser by Envigaurd is perfect for chamber testing while promoting high-efficiency in-line manufacturing modules with a uniquely durable design.


To ensure optimum use of resources at any manufacturing unit with zero to minimal glitch in the process, Envigaurd brings to you GI or Galvanized Steel products meant for durability & efficiency.

Our product’s iron/steel coating in combination with zinc helps provide enhanced protection against any environmental corrosion for industrial and commercial usage.

GI Duct manufacturer

GI Ducts Manufacturer:

For ideal protection from corrosive gases, Envigaurd’s GI Ducts provides ideal channeling of gases with maximum efficiency in the manufacturing and processing industries.

Blower manufacturer

GI Blower Manufacturer:

Envigaurd’s GI blowers enjoy a high advantage in terms of industrial application with an enduring design that does not get corrosion even in the presence of corrosive gases & moisture-laden air particles.

GI Cable tray

GI Cable Tray Manufacturer

Envigaurd’s GI cable tray is a perfect example of longevity & cost-effectiveness for longer-term usage that helps in optimal protection from fire, the possibility of a short circuit, or overheating.

envigaurd GI hood

GI Hood Manufacturer:

GI hood from Enviguard is resistant to toxic gases, erosion from chemical fumes, & volatile liquids that come about during industrial reactions, with sustainability as a factor as well.

GI-Damper Manufacturer

GI Damper Manufacturer:

Envigaurd’s GI Damper helps control the flow of smoke, gas, or other by-products that arise from industrial combustion at minimal maintenance & cost-effective prices.

kitchen exhaust

GI Kitchen Exhaust Manufacturer:

To prevent fires during industrial purposes, GI kitchen exhaust by Enviguard helps in better airflow & smoke emission from the manufacturing unit, with high energy efficiency as a factor as well.  

SS Products

Envigaurd’s SS products are crafted from durable stainless steel that ensures longevity and durability for industrial usage in corrosive environments. Our products can fight off corrosion from chemical elements.

The SS products by our skilled team stand ideal for outdoor as well as indoor applications. Our products are also quick to install with minimum maintenance required.

envigaurd ss duct

SS Ducts Manufacturer:

With a broad array of applications in energy-efficiency systems, Envigaurd’s SS ducts help increase efficiency with proper routing of smoke, corrosive gases & other fumes.

envigaurd ss blower

SS Blower Manufacturer:

Envigaurd’s SS blowers are manufactured with complex design with a flawless breakdown of functionality depending on customized industrial usage along with a design that doesn’t get rust.

SS Canopy Hood Manufacturer

SS Canopy Hood Manufacturer:

The SS canopy hood designed by Envigaurd with a chemical-resistant design ensures that you keep chemical fumes from escaping or corroding the surrounding environment, as well as minimal maintenance is required.

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