What are the different types of HVAC systems? 

Today in this article, we will be discussing the different types of HVAC systems that are available. Before going to the various HVAC system types, let’s first discuss what an HVAC system is and why it is used. HVAC system stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The HVAC system is responsible for maintaining the temperature in your house. They cool the home during summer and retain the heat during winters. 

The products that are included under the HVAC system are air conditioners, heat pumps, ductwork,  thermostat, furnaces, and many other appliances to maintain the optimum temperature in your house. You can find these systems everywhere, starting from a single-family home to hospitals, offices, and even submarines. The HVAC system is built using the principles of fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and thermodynamics. 

The different types of HVAC systems available 

Different types of HVAC systems are available for various purposes. Four main types of education systems have duct-free systems, hybrid split systems, and packaged heating and air systems. All the systems have their advantages as well as disadvantages. To choose the right HVAC system for your house, you should book an appointment with an HVAC duct manufacturer. Let’s go through these systems one by one:-

Heating and cooling system

This is the most common type of HVAC system that is found everywhere. From the name, you can understand that this system has two units. One system is for cooling and the other system for heating. These systems have an indoor unit for heating and an outdoor unit for cooling purposes. The cooling system that is placed outdoors uses compressors and coils, and refrigerant to cool the air, and a fan to blow the hot air away. 

The heating system is usually placed in the garage or the storeroom. The heater uses gas to produce heat and distributes the hot air to the other rooms by a fan or evaporator. This HVAC system also offers an additional service to manage the temperature and control the temperature according to your preference. You can install this HVAC system in your homes as well as offices.

Hybrid Split System

The hybrid split system has features similar to that of the split system. Many people prefer this system as it can reduce energy costs with the electric hybrid heating system. The main difference that separates this system from the split system is that there is an option to switch between the gas power, which is more and more complete, to electric, which offers more efficiency and is quiet. You can decide how you want to heat your house. It is usually installed in homes in areas with mild climate as you can use it in this system that traditional ducts and thermostat.  This HVAC system has all the benefits of a split system. Plus, you have the additional option to save energy and reduce utility bills.

Duct Free System

This HVAC system is also called the Mini-split system. The duct-free system comes with a lot of benefits and disadvantages. This system has individual units which can be placed in separate rooms. The temperature in different rooms can be controlled separately. This duct-free system can be installed on the wall, and they have a compressor that can be installed outdoors. 

The disadvantage is that the installation process of the duct-free system is a bit expensive. These units can be installed in your houses, garages, restaurants, and venues with tenants. The duct-free system does not waste energy on regulating the temperature outside the rooms. 

These systems have to be cleaned regularly. Do not try to clean this by yourself as it can damage the duct, and replacing it can be very expensive. Book an appointment with an HVAC service center to clean your HVAC system.

Packaged Heating and Air System

Packaged heating and air system is a contained heating and air unit inside the house. You can place it in the attic or the storage space. It can cool and heat the whole home. This system has a compact structure that allows it to be placed anywhere in the house. The packaged heating and air system is efficient and can be maintained easily. This HVAC system is generally used in areas where the climate is warm as the heating option is not as powerful as the other systems. In this system, the heat is generated electrically, whereas, in the different systems, gas is used to create heat.

The Different Types of Commercial HVAC systems 

Earlier, we discussed the various types of HVAC systems that are usually found in houses. The different types of commercial HVAC equipment used are a single split system and a Multi-Split system air conditioning. The single split system is used for small commercial buildings, and it is less expensive, versatile, and energy-efficient. The multi-split system air conditioning works similar to that of the single split system. In a multi-split system, you can connect many indoor units to a single outdoor unit. You can see this type of system used in larger commercial establishments such as restaurants, malls, and offices. If you have fewer indoor and outdoor units, the lesser space it takes. Multi-split system air conditioning is more expensive compared to the single split system.

To conclude

Now that we have reached the article’s conclusion, you must be aware of the different HVAC systems available in the market. If you think about buying an HVAC system for your house, you should contact an HVAC duct manufacturer. If you are looking to install an HVAC system in a warehouse, you can combine the HVAC system with other ventilation options. You can install big ceiling fans with high speed and low speed to reduce the temperature in your warehouse. Make a list of all the features you want in an HVAC system and choose the right one that meets all your needs. Irrespective of the HVAC system you install, you need to maintain and clean the systems regularly to ensure the proper functioning of the HVAC system. If you do not maintain the HVAC system regularly, it can affect the system’s life span.



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