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chemicals when working in a research-based environment. Fume hoods are aerodynamic devices that act as a scavenger by taking out the harmful gases by-products from the inner lab environment and releases it to the outer environment after sufficient dilution so it no longer possesses a health hazard

At Envigaurd, we are fume hoods manufacturers responsible for design and manufacturing of hoods with the highest level of quality and safety standards to provide optimum care to customers working in a potentially toxic environment. These are fitted with a high rpm centrifugal fan which suctions out the entirety of the lab and provides a clean and safe work environment. Manufacturing, design, inspection, fitting, and all logistic hassles are taken care of by us to provide the best customer experience in the market.

Features of our polypropylene lab hoods are:
  • PP canopy hoods are lightweight but sturdy requiring little work to move them around.
  • Require minimum maintenance as there is a self-cleaner function available which allows the blades to id themselves of any dust roughness as is.
  • High compatibility level with all types of lab environments. The machine can suction out almost all types and densities of fumes within the environment.
  • Manufacturing is done using wearing-resistant technology which keeps it safe from any performance issues in the long run.
  • High-temperature resistivity makes it NFPA qualified as there is o possibility of any fire hazard even during sensitive applications.

Envigaurd provides low-cost, straightforward installation PP lab hoods which are easy to maintain and provides all safeguards and warranties well after the product delivery. High impact tolerance and no occupational hazard at hand make it an important and worthwhile investment for any research or chemical lab. Ensuring high-quality standards and best-in-class customer support, Envigaurd is the market leader in PP-based laboratory products and fume hood manufacturing.

Frequently asked questions

How reliable is the fan?

PP lab hoods have high-grade stainless steel centrifugal fans which have a long lifetime of use and don’t wear out easily even after prolonged use.

Can it clear out high-density fumes?

The product is tested against the different densities of toxic fumes and can clear out a large area within a couple of minutes. There is no risk of blowback nor any signs of malfunctions were ever found during the quality testing.

Toxic fumes are released in the out environment after dilution?

Following all laboratory safety standards and guidelines, the suctioned-out fumes are passed through a series of filters and toxin removal processes which are built before being released to the environment. Hence it possesses no risk to the outside world.

Are further information and queries resolved after product delivery?

Envigaurd takes pride in the customer support and quality standards that are maintained by our team. Each step of the design, manufacture, shipping, and installation is provided by us and the team will guide you throughout the process both at the beginning and end of the product cycle.

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