10 ways to Reduce Air Pollution

Today, we breathe air that is full of toxic and harmful pollutants. Air pollution not only affects mankind but also deteriorating the condition of our environment. As the year passes, millions of people are dying all around the world due to polluted air. 

Air pollution is a term given to small pollutants and gases that release into the air. The gases include carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbon, and many more. To live a healthy life, we should focus on adopting some healthy ways to reduce air pollution and implement them practically. 

In this article, we are providing some ways which may help us to reduce air pollution. We also discussed some alternative products such as air purifiers, filters, blowers, and methods that we all can adopt to maintain air pollution quality.

10 ways to reduce air pollution are as follows:
  • Use of filter for industrial chimneys:

The gases released from the chimneys of houses and industrial factories are very dangerous and reduce the quality of the air. Filters fitted in the chimneys are very beneficial to reduce the effect of air pollution. There are various types of filters such as PP FRP Scrubbers, FRP Duct, PP Duct, and many more. These all filters are designed in such a way that they can control air pollution and maintain the quality of air. 

The scrubbers help to remove the hazardous pollutant from the exhaust section of the industries. So, Filters play a very important role in reducing air pollution.

  • Use of Dust controller:

Dust is one of the main causes of air pollution. Dust controller systems are often used to control air pollution and improve or maintain the quality level of air. 

Dust controllers such as GI blower, SS blower, FRP blower, PP FRP blower are available in the market to control the dust. These blowers are used to remove particulate matter such as liquid droplets, micrometer-sized particulates from the air.

  • No to AC’s:

AC consumes a lot of energy and releases a lot of heat which may harm the air quality. Usage of AC’s is one of the main causes which may deteriorate the quality of air.

HVAC may replace the Air conditioning. HVAC systems are considered as all in one system and do not affect the quality of the air. They do not consume a lot of energy as compared to AC. HVAC helps to remove the pollutant from the air and maintain the quality level of air.

So, we can use HVAC systems in place of AC’s to reduce air pollution.

  • Avoid using chemical products:

There are various cosmetics products that are available in the market that may harm the environment. Various products such as perfumes and paints release toxic chemicals which affect the air quality.

We should use other alternatives in place of them or products which contain less chemical content. We can also use organic products as they do not affect the air quality.

  • Implement Afforestation:

Deforestation is one of the main causes of air pollution. Trees absorb various harmful gases that release into the environment. The practice of planting trees helps to reduce pollution. Planting more trees also enhances the quantity and quality of oxygen. 

  • Reduction of smokes:

The collection of garbage and getting it into the fire may release various poisonous gases into the air. The release of smoke into the air is one of the huge causes of air pollution. 

To solve this problem, various air purifiers are available such as PP FRP Duct, GI DUct, HVAC system, and many more. They help to remove the pollutant from the smoke and help to maintain the quality of the air. The release of smoke into the air is also one of the reasons for Acid rain. So, Air purifiers must be used before releasing smoke. 

Apart from that, mini air purifiers are also manufactured and available for houses to purify the indoor air.

  • No to plastic bags:

Plastic products are very harmful to the environment as they do not decompose so easily. The burning of plastic waste may increase the risk of various diseases as they release various harmful gases into the air, which may be inhaled by us. 

They also release black carbon during burning, which affects the environment and causes air pollution. The use of organic bags or plastic bags is a better alternative instead of plastic bags. 

Paper bag may decompose easily and does not affect the environment and climate.

  • Recycle and Reuse:

The concept of recycling and reuse is very old yet very beneficial for us as well as for the environment. The method of recycling and reuse is used to conserve the resource and to use them very wisely. 

It also helps to reduce air pollution as it decreases the level of emission of harmful gases. The recycled products require very little energy and help us to save Mother Earth.

  • Use of Public Transport:

The release of smoke from vehicles surely contributes to increasing the level of air pollution. More vehicles on the road mean a release of more smoke which may deteriorate the condition of the environment as well as affect the quality of air. 

The use of public transport can somehow contribute to preventing air pollution as it requires very little gas and energy and also helps to conserve our valuable resources. 

  • Switch to solar energy:

The burning of fossil fuels into the air affects the quality of air. Solar energy is very helpful in reducing air pollution as it requires very little energy and does not release any harmful chemicals or pollutants that may affect the air quality.


The points listed above are not the only ways to prevent air pollution. There are various alternatives available to us which helps to protect our environment and helps to breathe clean air instead of polluted air.

The idea to reduce air pollution is not easy but we all can contribute together in order to reduce the air pollution.

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